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Happy May Day From the Green Party: A Field of Sunflowers and a

Wind Turbine Against a Clear, Blue Sky.



Around the world, May 1st is recognized as International Workers' Day, or "May Day," — a time to honor the labors of everyday people, along with their struggles and sacrifices to win fair compensation for that labor, to the right to participate in decisions that affect their work, their communities and their lives.

But even now, the corporate parties' power structure demands workers and their communities constantly lower their expectations for economic and political democracy, even as the wealth of billionaires skyrockets and the planet burns.

Give to the Green Party today so we can elect and re-elect Greens who empower people's movements, instead of smothering them.

Give to the Green Party so we can continue electing mayors, representatives and more who are committed to making worker co-ops and living wage, union jobs the standard across this country as part of a Green New Deal.

Give today because the reason our candidates have the integrity to demand these transformations is the same reason we rely on your support: We reject all corporate contributions. We always have and we always will.

You won't find another political party with ballot lines across the country and a platform that reads like this:

The Green Party seeks to build an alternative economic system based on ecology and decentralization of power, an alternative that rejects both the capitalist system that maintains private ownership over almost all production as well as the state-socialist system that assumes control over industries without democratic, local decision making. We believe the old models of capitalism (private ownership of production) and state socialism (state ownership of production) are not ecologically sound, socially just, or democratic and that both contain built-in structures that advance injustices.

Instead we will build an economy based on large-scale green public works, municipalization, and workplace and community democracy. Some call this decentralized system 'ecological socialism,' 'communalism,' or the 'cooperative commonwealth,' but whatever the terminology, we believe it will help end labor exploitation, environmental exploitation, and racial, gender, and wealth inequality and bring about economic and social justice due to the positive effects of democratic decision making.

We think that's a beautiful vision, fitting a beautiful day. We hope you agree.


In Solidarity,
The Green Party of the United States

P.S. May 1st comes but once a year but you can support worker power every month by becoming a Green Party Monthly Sustainer! Pick the monthly contribution that works best for you and it will have a huge impact on Green organizing and campaigns!

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