From Paco Fabián <[email protected]>
Subject Kyrsten Sinema and structural racism
Date April 30, 2021 7:39 PM
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President Biden has come around to progressive views on many issues, but corporate Democrats are still allowing the filibuster to block anything from getting done.

John, Kyrsten Sinema is collaborating with Republicans to uphold structural oppression, and Our Revolution is going all out to hold her and other corporate Democrats accountable for working with Mitch McConnell to preserve the racist filibuster.

Can we count on you to chip in to help us turn up the pressure on corporate Democrats? We still need to raise another $27,314 by midnight to reach our goal, so any amount is a big help! ([link removed])

— Paco Fabián, Director of Campaigns

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Last night, President Biden sounded a lot like our founder Bernie Sanders.

But, there's a catch: corporate Democrats like Kyrsten Sinema are collaborating with the GOP to allow the filibuster to block everything Biden talked about: millions of new jobs, improved infrastructure, voting rights, publicly financed elections, police reform, labor rights and much more.

They are making a bet that maintaining their corporate cash flow from special interests is more important than getting anything done for the American people.

Prove corporate Democrats wrong by donating now to help us close our $45,311 budget gap to ensure we have what it takes to escalate our organizing pressure to end the filibuster! ([link removed])

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