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Date April 30, 2021 2:55 PM
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Israel 365 News
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The debate over US President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran
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undoubtedly the hottest issue today, with truly apocalyptic
repercussions. One of the main overlooked details of the deal has to
do with US Secretary of State John Kerry’s personal connection to
Iran. Being the main negotiator, his personal judgment and integrity
is an essential element, and there are reasons to question his
Every minute aspect of the agreement is of vital importance and,
unfortunately, many details have been hidden, even from the senators
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are expected to vote on the results of the negotiations. A hushed-up
fact concerning Kerry’s personal life, involves his younger daughter
from his deceased first wife, Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry. Kerry’s
daughter married Dr. Brian (Behrooz) Vala Nahid, an Iranian-American
physician and the son of Nooshin and Reza Vala Nahid
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Los Angeles, in October 2009.
The marriage was even announced in the _New York Times_
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oddly enough, no mention was made of the groom’s Iranian connection,
an irregular occurrence for the paper. It should be noted that after
the wedding, the couple went to Iran to visit those relatives.
This past March, in the midst of tumultuous negotiations with Iran,
the secretary made mention of his close Iranian connection when he
greeted the Iranian people on the occasion of the traditional New Year
(Nowruz) holiday.
“I am proud of the Iranian-Americans in my own family and grateful
for how they have enriched my life,” Kerry said in the official
statement. Kerry also said he was “strongly committed to
resolving” the differences between the United States and the Islamic
Republic of Iran, “to the mutual benefit of both of our people.”
Kerry’s family connection to Iran is no secret, and in the melting
pot that is the United States, it is not entirely surprising. What is
significant is that as part of the wedding preparations, Kerry went to
a dinner party hosted by George Soros
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his Manhattan penthouse. He undoubtedly met the best man Mahdi Zarif,
and also met his father, Mohammad Javad Zarif, current Iranian Foreign
Minister, who acted as the chief negotiator during nuclear talks,
across the table from Kerry. This revelation was made by former
Congressman Allen West on his website 
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July 28.
On Sunday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry “strongly rejected” the
claim, calling it a “sheer lie and ‘news fabrication,” as
reported by _Fars News Agency_. “Some media outlets that lack
credit [sic] fabricate such news in pursuit of special objectives,
including finding more viewer [sic],” the foreign ministry claimed.
Though no formal accusations have been made, neither have any
inquiries or investigations been conducted. The accusation and the
refutation stand on their own merits. Kerry’s close family
connection was not mentioned in his confirmation hearings before the
Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The FBI vets US government
officials involved in national security issues and generally will not
grant clearances to individuals who are married to nationals of an
enemy nation or having family members living in that country, for fear
of divided loyalties. The lack of basic oversight and disclosure, in
this case, is disturbing.
While some may find Kerry’s close Iranian ties surprising and
hushed up, the secretary has a track record of divided loyalties. It
was revealed in a declaration of assets published on
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the secretary held shares in Noble Energy that totaled an estimated
$500,000 to $1 million. Noble Energy is one of the major gas
exploration companies involved in the two major Israeli offshore
natural gas fields.
Kerry’s financial involvement raises serious concerns regarding his
ties to the Israeli gas market as an American official.
Approximately eight months ago, Israel’s antitrust commissioner
called on the government to back out of the compromised deal with the
energy firm, stating that the contractual agreement violated antitrust
laws. This endangered the deal, and the gas companies, led by Noble,
claimed the new arrangement would damage their expected profits.
Given Kerry’s personal financial interest, it might have been better
for him to recuse himself and delegate the task to another State
Department official.  Such a move would undoubtedly have been proper,
also in the case of the Iran negotiations.
[link removed] reported
that Kerry contacted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, urging
the Israeli leader to advance the deal with Noble and sidestep the
antitrust difficulties. According to the report, Kerry said, “It is
important for all countries to have a strong investment climate,
including a consistent and predictable regulatory framework.”
Netanyahu has pushed the legislation through, labeling the natural gas
issue a security issue, thereby sidestepping antitrust laws.
In yet another incident, it is somewhat ironic that Kerry led a
committee investigating the Iran-Contra Affair, in which selling
weapons to Iran was illegal because it was designated a state sponsor
of terrorism and was the focus of an arms embargo by the US
government. Yet today, Kerry is willing to allow Iran’s nuclear
program to remain intact, lift sanctions and provide the Iranian
terror regime with billions of dollars, despite their public
declarations of threats
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violence, terror, and destruction against the US and Israel.
It appears that Kerry, regardless of his previous views on Iran as a
terror state, has no qualms conducting negotiations based entirely on
good faith, as his response to the Senate Committee
[link removed] clearly
Kerry’s intimate Iranian connections and his interests in foreign
matters are a matter of public record. Taken separately, each incident
may be considered harmless. Viewed together as a pattern, it seems
that Kerry has a history of operating in areas where he has a conflict
of interest, putting aside his beliefs. This should raise questions
about his judgment. To date, there have been no American or Israeli
calls to investigate Kerry’s multiple conflicts of interests, though
investigations and inquiries have certainly been initiated on much
less grounds.
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