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27 Days to Brexit – But is it the BREXIT We Voted For?


October 4th, 2019

Dear Friends and Supporters 
The Party Conference season is over and it’s now only 27 days until we are supposed to Leave the European Union - but is this the Brexit we voted for?
As Get Britain Out predicted, another court case has been launched by Remoaners today, seeking to further delay the Brexit process. Again, this one is instigated by the SNP MP, Joanna Cherry. Scottish judges will decide whether they can be allowed to prevent the ‘Democratic Will of the People’ being enacted - it’s about allowing an unnamed individual to sign a letter (under the recent Hilary Benn Act) requesting an extension to Article 50 should Prime Minister Boris Johnson refuse to do so by October 19th.
Get Britain Out has previously expressed our disapproval of unelected judges involving themselves in political matters, but this is really a bridge too far. No court should have the power to bypass any elected Government and take control of political affairs. Political decisions in this country should be made in the Houses of Parliament - and NOT in the COURTS!
This week, Boris Johnson presented his proposed changes to the Withdrawal Agreement to Parliament and the EU. They concentrated on the Irish Backstop, including:

  • The whole UK leaves the Customs Union;
  • Great Britain leaves the Single Market; and
  • Northern Ireland leaves the Single Market, unless Stormont (the Northern Irish Parliament which has not sat for 991 days due to political disagreements) meets to vote to stay in.
There is only a vague mention of a free trade agreement – and little else!
Clearly, this offer is couched in very vague terms to allow Boris and the Government to make all kinds of concessions and possible betrayals of what the Great British Public expected from really Leaving the EU with a clean and clear break for our future, back in June 2016. The EU has demanded more ‘legal’ information, so perhaps more will come out in due course.
This is worse than pulling teeth!
The Government will clearly want to play its cards close to its chest for as long as possible, to avoid the Remoaners from plotting to erect barriers at every corner. However, all this is causing more and more and uncertainty for the public, who already do not trust the politicians! We all need to get on with our lives – and businesses. Many of our supporters have told me, personally, they are prepared for changes, but we desperately need to move on and get ready for our global future!
The reaction to Boris’s tweaks has been mixed. Many MPs who were previously opposed to the Withdrawal Agreement have now said they are willing to support the unambitious changes. Leaders in the EU have, by and large, come out against the proposals, predominantly concentrating on the removal of the Irish Backstop and mentioning little else. Frustratingly, the Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar and his Deputy, Simon Coveney, who seem to be acting as the EU’s puppets, forgetting for some unexplained reason, the UK is their biggest trading partner, and not the EU! 
Our analysis of Boris’s changes to the Deal is simple - they do not resolve the many problems we have previously identified with the Withdrawal Agreement - and they would still shackle us to the EU for many years to come! This is unacceptable, and Brexiteers will never forgive such a blatant con. We voted for Brexit, not this half-baked nonsense.
Aside from the Withdrawal Agreement, there is little mention of changes to the equally odious Political Declaration (PD). It has been suggested these will be made eventually, but after more than 3 years of unfulfilled promises, our patience and trust are paper thin. Whilst the PD would not be legally binding (at the moment), it would form the basis for negotiations for our future relationship with the EU, and by relegating this to a mere afterthought, the Government is doing our nation a disservice.
With less than a month until we are supposed to Leave the EU we should be celebrating - yet instead, it feels more like a wake. Theresa May might be long gone, but the shadow of her time as Prime Minister still hangs over us, especially as she sits next to Ken Clarke, the Father of the House of Commons, constantly shaking her head at the PM. Perhaps she thinks some of his former charisma might rub off on her shoulder pads! Rotten decisions taken under May’s Government still haunt us - and the energy and enthusiasm of some Brexiteers is diminishing. We are desperate to see Brexit come to an end, and many of us have forgotten about the global opportunities we fought for, almost giving up on ever seeing any of the benefits we know are out there, waiting for us to be free of this stranglehold. Don’t give up!
We need a Brexit renaissance - a return to the hopeful vision of 2016 which saw Brexiteers build the largest electoral coalition in the history of the United Kingdom - and we need it NOW, because if we do not continue to fight for Brexit it will be taken from us by the globalists who run the multinationals corporations tied to the EU - with deep vested interests - and tired the middlemen who never truly believed in the global opportunities Brexit presents.
With his rumoured new political party already collapsed, former Tory PM-hopeful Rory Stewart has attempted to grab the headlines to try and reignite his political career. Today he has announced he will run as an ‘Independent’ in the London Mayoral Elections in 2020. He has already begun walking around London again. Barking, Tower Hamlets and Sutton have all received an unwanted visit from him so far – sometimes just standing there, supposedly waiting for people to come up to him to talk. Does he really think people have the time … or inclination? Shock. He is running away from scrutiny in his own Leave constituency of Penrith and the Border in favour of hiding amongst the Remoaners Metropolitan elite of London. By the way, he will still take his pay cheque as an MP until the mayoral elections next May, but what about properly representing his constituents? Goodness knows if Londoners would ever be able to trust him to look after their interests in our capital – we, at Get Britain Out can’t wait to see him fail again at yet another election.  
Back in Westminster, Boris Johnson has announced Parliament will be Prorogued again from next Tuesday, October 8th until Monday, October 14th to prepare for a Queen’s Speech (the means by which Governments set their domestic agendas for the next year).
This comes after the Supreme Court ruled the first Prorogation unlawful because it was stopping MPs from scrutinising Brexit! So, you ask, what have MPs done with this time they fought to get?
Well, they have spent the majority of their time discussing how offended they are at being called turkeys, by the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC MP, because they refuse to hold a General Election. Let us hope the fresh session of Parliament will bring a new life and energy for Brexit into the political agenda - because it is sorely needed. One thing is certain - Britain MUST Leave the EU on October 31st - with a Deal, or with No Deal and on World Trade Organisation terms. 
Now, we need your help again, so Prime Minister Boris Johnson gets your short, sharp messages about what concerns you personally about this latest tweak of the EU Deal.
We have created a postcard for you to use. All it requires is to be printed off, signed, stuck to an envelope or put inside an envelope, and posted - addressed to: The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson MP, 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA (Please remember to add a stamp).
Please feel free to use this or write your own message if you prefer.
Thank you. Boris cannot guess what you want, so it is up to you to tell him, as we are doing!!!
HERE IS SOME OF WHAT GET BRITAIN OUT HAS BEEN DOING RECENTLY: You can find a printable version of this document which can be used as a leaflet here.
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Best wishes from Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and the Team
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