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Subject Weekly update from Campaign Against Antisemitism
Date April 26, 2021 3:02 PM
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This week’s updates from Campaign Against Antisemitism

This week’s updates from Campaign Against Antisemitism
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** This week’s updates
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** “Je Suis Sarah Halimi”: CAA holds rally in solidarity with French Jews over Sarah Halimi verdict outside the French Embassy
Monday, 26th April, 12:21

Campaign Against Antisemitism held a rally in solidarity with French Jews yesterday in opposition the Court of Cassation’s ruling to let Sarah Halimi’s murderer go free. In 2017, Ms Halimi, a 65-year-old Jewish woman, was murdered by her 27-year-old Muslim neighbour, Kobili Traoré, after he tortured andhurled her from a window to her death. In […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Brunel University adopts International Definition of Antisemitism
Friday, 23rd April, 11:29

Brunel University has adopted the International Definition of Antisemitism. In a statement the University said: “Brunel University London supports initiatives that seek to tackle prejudice and discrimination. It recognises the International Definition as supporting the University’s existing policies on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, reinforcing the message that antisemitism will not be tolerated and will have due regard […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** University of Bath adopts International Definition of Antisemitism
Thursday, 22nd April, 11:56

The University of Bath has adopted the International Definition of Antisemitism. In a statement, the University said: “Our University is committed to being an inclusive community, which cherishes diversity. We seek to create a community where hate, harassment and discrimination are never tolerated. Condemning antisemitism and tackling any antisemitic incidents is very much part of this commitment.” […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** More antisemitic graffiti found in Tottenham Hale include “Holohoax” and “Hitler was right” messages
Thursday, 22nd April, 11:27

Antisemitic graffiti promoting Holocaust denial and Nazi symbols has been found in Tottenham Hale. Shocking antisemitic sentiments were found scrawled along Daneland Walk in Tottenham Hale promoting Holocaust denial. Written against a property billboard, one section of graffiti read: “COVIDHOAX + HOLOHOAX = JEW WORLD ORDER” ‘Holohoax’ is a word used by Holocaust-deniers to portray […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Abingdon schoolboy expelled after allegedly sending antisemitic image to Jewish student
Thursday, 22nd April, 10:33

A fifteen-year-old Abingdon schoolboy has been expelled after allegedly sending an antisemitic image to a Jewish student from the same school. The image, sent through the social media app Snapchat, was said to have depicted three people dressed as Nazis soldiers. The teenager also allegedly created a video on Tik Tok, another social media app, […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** “F***” the Jews” graffitied onto billboard in Tottenham Hale
Thursday, 22nd April, 09:24

“F***” the Jews” has been found graffitied onto a billboard in North London. The billboard is situated on Ashley Road in Tottenham Hale, close to the large Jewish community in Stamford Hill and also near Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium. The football club has recently been the target of antisemitic abuse, including over the abortive European Super League proposal. […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Driver yells “Heil Hitler” at “traumatised” Jewish pedestrian at Clapton Common
Wednesday, 21st April, 15:02

A driver reportedly shouted “Heil Hitler” while driving past a Jewish pedestrian in Stamford Hill earlier this week. The victim was left “traumatised” and Hackney police are currently investigating. The incident took place at Clapton Common last week and was reported by Stamford Hill Shomrim, the Jewish volunteer neighbourhood watch patrol. If you have any […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Jeremy Corbyn loses appeal in first stage of defamation case brought by Jewish activist in relation to infamous “Zionist irony” comments
Tuesday, 20th April, 13:23

Jeremy Corbyn has lost an appeal in the first stage of a defamation case brought by a Jewish activist and blogger. On an unknown date in 2013, Mr Corbyn addressed a meeting convened by the Palestinian Return Centre. Referring to a previous speech given by Manuel Hassassian, the Palestinian Authority’s representative in Britain, Mr Corbyn suggested that “the progressive […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Antisemites bombard social media claiming football’s proposed European Super League is product of Jewish greed
Monday, 19th April, 15:40

Twitter users have responded to news of a possible launch of a new European Super League (ESL) by blaming Jews for “ruining football.” The announcement of the ESL has proved controversial and unpopular with swathes of football fans due to the potential harm it is believed may be caused to domestic football leagues. Many fans […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** SNP candidate’s comment comparing Goebbels and the Labour Party’s political strategy in Scotland “diminish the meaning and memory of the Holocaust”
Monday, 19th April, 12:23

It has been revealed that a candidate for the Scottish National Party (SNP) posted a comment on Facebook comparing the Labour Party’s political strategy in Scotland to that of the Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. Colm Merrick, the SNP candidate for Eastwood in Glasgow, the seat representing Scotland’s largest Jewish community, reportedly shared a post in […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Jewish gravestones in Belfast desecrated in antisemitic hate crime
Monday, 19th April, 11:12

Ten Jewish gravestones in Belfast City Cemetery were desecrated in an antisemitic hate crime. The desecration is believed to have taken place last week on 15th April. Sinn Fein councillor Steven Corr, along with other Sinn Fein members, were active participants in the clean-up crew. He posted photos of the scene on Facebook, writing: “We […] Continue reading ([link removed])

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