UNITED E-news April 2021

Greetings from UNITED!

As Spring begins to bloom, we hope you have been able to enjoy it while keeping safe and taking all the necessary precautions. We at UNITED have been busy with our work, and we have a number of updates, calls and opprtunities we are excited to share with you.

Update from the training

Thank you to those of you who registered and participated in our Online Workshops “My Privacy – Your Safety”!

We were happy to see over 30 new faces to our workshops in the last weeks, held with the financial support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, aimed at increasing the capacity of human rights activists and their organisations in protecting their privacy online.

If you missed the first round, don’t worry! We have more upcoming: please fill out the form here to express your interest, and we will reach out with further information. 


DEADLINE: 27th APRIL, 2021

Delegation call


A renewed call: Become a Delegate for #UNITED!

UNITED for Intercultural Action is looking for Human Rights advocates to contribute to the networking and advocacy actions of our 560-member-strong network.

To further strengthen our work on #antiracism and #diversity in Europe, we are launching a new call in order to recruit UNITED Delegates. The pool of UNITED Delegates consists of experts and activists, who act as the ambassadors of the network, and represent UNITED at various international meetings and events. By doing so, you are expanding the UNITED network, creating linkages internationally, also contributing to our common cause, which is fighting against any type of racism and discrimination. 

During the events, you will represent UNITED, so your main task, among enjoying your time and socializing with other participants, will be making other people know about who we are and what our network represents. Hence, we will provide you with more detailed information on our organization. 

Join us and support knowledge sharing, advocacy and policy impact for Human Rights for all! You will be able to get in touch with activists from all over Europe (and beyond), having the chance to broaden your network and getting to know different realities. You will be able to focus on the topics you are most interested in, having the chance to deepen your knowledge and refine your skills. 

In particular, we encourage those from minority backgrounds to apply. 

If you are interested, please apply by filling out this form:

DEADLINE:  16th of May, 2021

Have questions? Write us us at [email protected]

#UNITEDforHumanity #StayUNITED

Advisory board call

📍📋CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Become members of UNITED’s Youth Advisory Board!  

Are you passionate about the field of anti-racism? Do you have enthusiasm for the values of the UNITED network? Are you able and willing to work as part of a diverse, international team?  Then consider joining out Advisory Board!  

We at UNITED are opening the opportunity for delegates of UNITED supporter organisations to become members of UNITED’s Youth Advisory Board.  

Your main responsibilities will include:

  • to review and approve the institutional 3-years general strategy;
  • to help the Secretariat and/ the Network in monitoring, assessing and evaluating its strategies, activities, and results;
  • to be available to review and comment on documents submitted by the Secretariat, upon request of the Secretariat or the Network;
  • to provide contacts and resources to make the work of UNITED more efficient, upon request of the Secretariat or the Network;
  • to oversee UNITED’s Secretariat with vision, strategy, resources, networking and accountability;
  • to maintain a relationship with the UNITED Network and stakeholders.

Join to have a say in the strategic direction of UNITED!  More information   

We look forward to your applications! 📄

Call for members of the Campaign Preperatory Group!

Are you passionate about anti-racist and anti-fascist activism? Do you want to promote diversity and inclusion in Europe? Do you want to assist one of the largest European NGO networks with Europe-wide initiatives to tackle discrimination and prejudice?

Apply to become a member of UNITED’s Campaign Preparation Group!

Every year, UNITED for Intercultural Action coordinates a series of international campaigning initiatives to bring European civil society organisations together with a common message. Through our European Action Week Against Racism, International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism, and International Refugee Day campaigns, UNITED has been empowering grassroots groups and engaging citizens all over Europe for twenty-five years.

Ideas for our campaigns always come from grassroots activists, present at UNITED’s biannual network conferences. However, we also need talented, creative people to help turn these ideas into concrete campaign materials, and engage organisations around Europe to take part in these campaigns. This is why we are now recruiting activists from around Europe to form a Campaign Preparation Group (CPG) to assist with the implementation of our antiracist campaigns in 2020.

As a member of the CPG, you will work with other young activists from all over Europe to design and implement a series of Europe-wide campaigns that tackle racism and discrimination. 

We particularly welcome people from minority groups to apply. 

Interested? Check out our website to learn more about our campaigns and the responsibilities of the CPG, or send an email to [email protected] for more information.

To apply, fill out the application here: 



Survey for ARW report

Thank you all for participating in the Action Week against Racism last month! We got excellent responses from all, and were so happy to see the co-ordinated, concerted efforts across Europe to create a more united world. We are still collating the numbers: we want to put it all together and share it with all our supporters, to encourage you all to add your actions too in our future campaigns!

We are also aware that despite our outreach, there are many we did not manage to get to. For this reason, we hope to hear from you now, retroactively!

If you had any action related to the Action Week against Racism, which you had not shared with us, or you would like to be shared with everyone, please answer our very simple questionnaire so we can include you in our overall picture of anti-racism work in Europe!

Link to the questionnaire is here: 

Total time to complete is 5 minutes. 

Thank you for contributing to the action!

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