This Earth Day, will you sign on your support for taking bold climate action?


Today is Earth Day, which is a special day for me. 

In 1970, I participated in our country’s very first Earth Day while serving as a young naval flight officer in California. I joined tens of thousands of people in Golden Gate State Park to celebrate our planet and consider how we could protect it for future generations to enjoy.

That was a turning point for me, and ever since, I’ve dedicated much of my life and career to fighting for cleaner air and water, protecting our environment, and finding solutions to address the threat of climate change. 

We’ve made important environmental progress over the past 50 years, but we still urgently need to take serious climate action -- especially after four years of the Trump Administration’s dangerous rollbacks to many of our nation’s environmental protections.

Thankfully, President Biden’s American Jobs Plan rises to the moment, laying out a bold plan to combat the climate crisis while also rebuilding our country’s roads, bridges, and water systems and creating millions of good-paying jobs. 

Will you sign on your support for President Biden’s plan to rebuild our infrastructure and combat the climate crisis?

The American Jobs Plan would help us meet our climate goals as a country by reducing carbon emissions, investing in electric vehicle infrastructure, and creating clean-energy jobs. 

In the Senate, I’m also taking steps to ensure that everyone in our country has access to clean drinking water. Today, the Senate will begin considering my bipartisan plan to upgrade our nation’s water infrastructure. My plan will improve our water systems, address climate change, invest in new technology, and further the fight for environmental justice in marginalized communities.

This is a major investment in the future of not only our country but also our planet, and we need to get it done. That’s where you come in -- can President Biden and I count on your support for the American Jobs Plans? If so, add your name today >>

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P.S. As you know, I love music. I’ll be celebrating Earth Day with some of my favorite songs about the beauty of our one and only planet and I want to share them with you. Click here to listen to my Earth Day playlist on Spotify!


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