From ACT For America <[email protected]>
Subject Winning The Old Fashion Way
Date April 15, 2021 1:38 PM
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Dear John,
As of now, ACT For America has helped pass three Voter Integrity
Bills and it's all thanks to your emails, calls, meetings, and
activism! You did it. 
Passed Bills AZ HB 2054
_Prevents voter fraud with deceased registered
voters. The bill also ensures that voter registration will be
retracted from a convicted felon and when a registered voter moves
from outside their registered county._
AZ HB 2569
_Prevents the controversial private funding of election
administration which was used in the 2020 Presidential election. This
private funding was pioneered by Facebook founder and CEO Mark
Zuckerberg and his wife Pricilla Chan through $350 million in
donations to the nonprofit Center for Technology and Civic Life, which
played a key role in five key battleground states: Georgia, Arizona,
Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania._
GA SB 202
_Limits mail-in voting, expands, voter's access to in-person early
voting, as well as requires ID for mail-in and in-person voting. The
bill allows election officials to process absentee ballots sooner and
requires them to count those ballots nonstop once the polls close. _
We at ACT For America are committed to fighting for our country and
protecting her from those trying to undermine our republic, our
democratic process, and stop them at every opportunity. 
ACT For America is now monitoring and working on bills relating
to election integrity, free speech, border security, education,
immigration, and law enforcement in multiple states. 
Please support our effort as we fight for our country by donating
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Below is a sample list of bills we are actively working on: 
AZ HB 2792
Directs that mail-in ballots be sent to the address that is
registered on file for the voter and places a fine on candidates and
political committees who receive early ballot requests and do not
process those requests within six days.
CA SB 797
Requires all mailed-in ballots to be mailed either directly by the
requester or if by a designated third party, within 3 days of
receiving the ballot or before the polls close election day.
CT HB 05316
After a voter has passed away, their voter's registration must be
removed from the official registrar's list. 
FL S 0090
Eliminates drop boxes and limits Vote By Mail to one cycle, and you
must reapply for vote-by-mail ballots; requires mail-in ballots to
include additional identifying information, and prohibits the display
of the voter's party affiliation.
FL H 7041
Requires the State Department to keep the voter registration list
updated as well as place restrictions on how long ballots, voter
forms, and materials can be detained. It also creates a penalty for
misuse of a voter's signature. 
GA HB 531
Forbids election superintendents and election boards from receiving
private funding; restricts the time and manner in which mail-in
ballots are returned. 
GA SB 62
Requires the name and designation of mail-in ballots to appear on
each ballot; requires the absentee voter list to stay updated.
MD SB 233
Prohibits voter information from being publicly displayed on ballots.
MO HB 1130
Restricts public funds from going to businesses that censor free
speech and protect employees from discrimination because of their
political activity. 
SC H 3372
Prohibits candidates from filling more than one candidate section on
a ballot.
SC H 3410
Requires absentee witnesses to include their drivers' license number
with the ballot. 
TX S.7
Bans mail-in ballot drop boxes and most drive-thru voting. Also,
require voters who have disabilities to prove that they cannot access
polls in person in order to qualify for a mail-in ballot. 
Tightens the ID requirements for voting, and enforces the procedures
in which the list of absentee voters is verified.
PA HB853
Guarantees that voters will be informed of any changes to voter ID
requirements, enforces the rule that signatures must be signed in a
black or blue pen only, and requires a signed affidavit for absentee
ballots that the voter is a resident of the country their ballot is
registered in. 
PA SB515
Nullifies any mail-in ballot other than the official mail-in ballots
sent from the Department of State or the county board of electors in
which the qualified voter is registered. 
ACT For America is invested - with everything we have - to fight for
our country. We need your support to continue fighting and expand our
efforts in every state. We cannot fight without your dedicated
To become a Monthly Donor at $20, $25, $50, or $100 please click
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We are looking for 1,000 patriot partners to stand with us as
monthly recurring donors at $20 per month or more. This is how we
can strategically plan on how much resources and effort to put into a
state and start introducing and passing bills to preserve our
We are serious about this fight and about passing bills on
the state level and we need you by our side. We cannot do it
without you!
To become a Monthly Donor at $20, $25, $50, or $100 please click
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We are willing to be the head of the spear fighting on your behalf
and facing the Left and their hatred, their death threats, and their
nasty emails. We are willing to fight till the end as long as we know
there are great patriots like yourself standing with us.
There are few organizations with the strength, grassroots activists,
and numbers who are fighting this fight on the battlefield in each
state. We are aggressively recruiting activists and group leaders to
mobilize the nation.
With your help ACT For America is ready and able to fight into 2022
and beyond. Your support is indispensable and your monthly commitment
to support our work to fight for America is vital. Click here to
become a Monthly Donor at $20, $25, $50, or $100.
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We are so grateful for your support. Together we rise in defense of
our security, our liberty, and our values and WIN!
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Copyright © 2021. ACT for America,
1300 Pennsylvania Ave. Suite 190, #614
Washington, DC 20004
United States
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