From Edmonton Millwoods - PPC Association <[email protected]>
Subject UN Agenda 2030
Date October 3, 2019 4:55 AM
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John --

Do you support protecting our freedoms, prosperity and rights?

Do you believe in our constitution and bill of rights as Canadians?

Do you support Democracy?

Do you believe everyone should be treated equally - no special treatment for any one religion or belief?

Do you believe in Canadians first? ?

Do you believe the public tax payer should NOT support government sponsored media and corporations?

Do you believe Canadians should have a say in where our tax dollars are spent or sent?

Do you believe in an external auditing firm overseeing all government spending?

Do you believe that the government oath of secrecy should be over-ridden when there are corruption allegations against a government official??

Do you believe in creating and implementing programs aimed at new immigrants to help them integrate into Canadian society BEFORE they arrive in Canada...?

Do you believe our Canadian borders should be monitored and that any new asylum seekers be vetted just like our legal immigrants...that we should prioritize the security and prosperity of all Canadians?

Do you believe our Equalization Program should be reformed and a fairer formula be introduced?

Do you believe that we should reinvest in our Veterans and Armed Forces, that they and their families should be highly respected?

Then you are Canadian! ?

If you support Socialism and Globalism then the above does not apply!!!? Please click on the below to find out why the PPC wants to reassert our National Sovereignty!

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Reminder:? Watch The debates on October 7, 2019, find out why the other parties have "borrowed" some of our policies!

Make your votes count on October 21. Vote for your values. Vote for your future. This means a Vote for ANNIE YOUNG and the PPC - PEOPLE'S PARTY OF CANADA in EDMONTON MILLWOODS


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Edmonton Millwoods - PPC Association
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