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Subject Karen Carter Peterson vs. the establishment
Date April 13, 2021 6:59 PM
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If we want to win progressive policy priorities in Congress, then we need to elect more bold progressives to fight the establishment on Capitol Hill.

As John Nichols writes in The Nation, “Karen Carter Peterson’s Ready to Bring Some ‘Don’t Mess Around’ Progressivism to DC.”

When she’s elected, she’s going to fight for a $15 minimum wage, Medicare for All, a Green New Deal and getting big money out of politics. We can’t say the same about her establishment-backed opponent Troy Carter.

That’s why her special election in Louisiana on April 24th is a referendum on whether the Democratic Party is becoming more progressive or more corporate-focused.

Our Revolution is on the ground making thousands of phone calls to help Karen Carter Peterson overcome Troy Carter’s special interest-built war chest. Rush a donation now to help us overcome her opponent’s big corporate money so Karen can join the squad in Congress! ([link removed])

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Wall Street and fossil fuel companies don’t want unapologetic progressives like Karen Carter Peterson to win.

That’s why they would prefer Troy Carter — the establishment’s pick. They think that Troy Carter can be relied on to come through for corporate power to block or weaken any progressive legislation that gains momentum and threatens their profits — like Medicare for All.

We need more honest champions of working people to grow our squad in the House. Pitch in here to help Our Revolution support Karen Carter Peterson as she takes on the establishment in New Orleans! ([link removed])


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