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Date April 11, 2021 11:25 PM
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Hello Waltz Warriors!


We hope this email finds you and your families healthy and safe. From going
undercover in the district to discussing the woke military, here's just some of
what Mike has been up to this past week:

In The News



On Thursday, Mike joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News
<[link removed]> to break a huge story about how West Point is
now teaching critical race theory to its Cadets, making them sit through
lectures titled “Understanding Whiteness and White Rage.” Mike explained why
critical race theory hurts combat effectiveness, saying:


"As a Green Beret, I can’t imagine being in a situation in combat, and I’m
ordering a soldier to charge the machine gun, and he now has a seed planted in
the back of his mind: Am I sending him because he’s African American? Should I
feel guilty because of white privilege? That is absolutely destructive to
morale, to unity, to everything that I know from a military…that, by the way,
integrated way before the rest of the country in 1948.


Look, Tucker, we’ll deal with all these things as a society, but the military
has to stay a very special place, focused on having the best of the best to
defeat the nation’s enemies and China, Russia and Iran and others if we have

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Watch the entire Tucker Carlson interview here <[link removed]>. 




Also on Thursday, Mike joined Fox News
<[link removed]> to talk about
the Biden administration’s conflicting statements on China and the Olympics. He


“Antony Blinken agreed with his predecessor, Mike Pompeo, that there is
literally a genocide going on right now in China… There is ongoing forced
sterilization of Uyghur women, they’re shipped off to concentration camps,
ongoing rape, ongoing torture, and there is on going slave labor” under the
Chinese Communist Party."

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You can watch the entire segment here
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Earlier in the week on Wednesday, Mike joined Fox & Friends
<[link removed]> to talk about
the MLB’s hypocrisy on moving the All-Star Game out of Georgia while turning a
blind eye to China’s human rights abuses, saying:


“Corporations will still make millions on sponsorships, Beijing will still
have a global platform.”


See what else Mike had to say here
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Also on Wednesday, Mike Waltz joined A Starting Point
<[link removed]> to talk about the U.S.
possibly joining an Iran Nuclear Deal. From the clip:


“President Biden was right when he said we should not lift or relieve economic
sanctions from Iran… Iran needs to free American hostages and stop killing
Americans, services members in Iraq through their proxy militias.”
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You can watch Mike's entire ASP clip here
<[link removed]>! 

In the District

It’s been an exciting and eventful past few weeks of Mike traveling around the
district. Here are some of the highlights! 


Preserving our nation's history, including the history of our veterans is
incumbent upon all of us. That's why on Tuesday Mike sat down and interviewed
U.S. Army veteran of the Battle of the Bulge, Corporal Richard Birdsail for the
Library of Congress Veteran History Project. 
Earlier in the week, Mike also visited Redwire Space headquarters in
Jacksonville and saw firsthand the incredible technology happening right here
in Florida! Redwire is currently putting 3D printers on satellites to build the
solar panels, tools, and infrastructure America needs for construction in space
- how cool is that? 
And in case you missed it, Mike went undercover at Flagler Oceanside Beach Bar
& Grill last week, where he saw first hand just how tough this pandemic has
been everyone, especially for our small businesses & restaurants. But the
biggest takeaway from this episode of Undercover Congressman is clear:
Floridians are resilient.
Check out the latest episode of Undercover Congressman
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Waltz Warriors shirts, hats, stickers, yard signs, and even koozies!

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Social Media


Here are a few of our top posts from social media this week. Be sure to like
and share, and when you tweet at Mike remember to use#WaltzWarriors

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That's it for this week. Thank you for all of your support and stay tuned for


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