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Subject Do you support President Biden’s infrastructure plan?
Date April 9, 2021 5:30 PM
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Have you seen the news about the major $3 trillion investment in our nation’s infrastructure President Biden has proposed? Yes, it will help improve our nation’s roads, bridges, and water systems, but we wanted to call your attention to a few unheralded parts of the package that will pay dividends for years to come: expanding broadband, transitioning to a clean-energy economy, and major investments in child care.

President Biden rightfully recognizes that internet access is no longer a “nice-to-have” commodity – it’s a prerequisite for participating in the economy, especially as we continue to fight through a pandemic that has forced more of our lives online. Furthermore, the majority of the more than 21 million Americans without broadband are low-income, older, and living in rural areas. Infrastructure investment that closes this digital divide will foster fuller and more equitable participation in our economy. 

We are in the midst of a climate crisis that will soon reach the point of no return if we fail to act. The Biden administration’s infrastructure plan promises to transform our modes of transportation, sources of energy, and economy to protect our climate and reach net-zero carbon emissions. Think of what this action will do to not only save our planet, but to also create thousands upon thousands of good jobs. 

Equally important and impactful is the investments this package puts into child care. We have said time and time again that without investments in child care, women will leave the workforce. They aren’t leaving by choice, but out of necessity to care for children where affordable child care may be inaccessible. The Biden administration plans to upgrade current child care facilities and build new facilities in underserved communities. This investment not only helps families access more child care, but allows for our economy to prosper quickly because when more people are participating in our economy, the stronger it will be.

But all of this can only happen if the package passes through Congress, and for that, it needs public support. Please, before 11:59 p.m. tonight, tell us now: 


Do you support President Biden’s infrastructure plan?

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We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to strengthen our economy for everyone. Rather than cutting the economic pie into ever-thinner slices, this infrastructure package will expand the pie so that more people can participate, and prosper, in our economy. 

But, of course, here’s the bad news: This bold vision for our infrastructure, economy, and climate has already been met with fierce opposition from trickle-downers – those who would rather adhere to their failed trickle-down policies that enrich a very few at the expense of everyday people and our environment. They will use every means necessary, and exploit Democrats’ razor-thin majorities in Congress, to prevent this infrastructure investment from happening. 

That’s why we need this team to show massive support for the infrastructure plan – and urge President Biden and congressional Democrats to go at it alone if Republicans refuse to come to the table. So please, be one of the 3,500 people we need to speak out before 11:59 p.m. tonight:


Do you support President Biden’s infrastructure plan?

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