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It seems like each year, we see more people become disillusioned with the capitalist system and the theatre of our two-party system. The US government’s mishandling of COVID-19 laid bare the deep inequality separating the rich and the rest of us. The economic recession it unleashed may last for years, adding to the growing crisis of climate change and white supremacy devastating our communities. There has never been a greater need to get organized in our workplaces, buildings and communities. As the largest and still growing, socialist organization in the US, we have a key role to play. A better world is possible, but we need a plan to build it. 


Save the Date for our Local Convention!

The East Bay DSA 2021 Local Convention will be held this year on Saturday, May 15th, 1-4 pm and Sunday, May 16th, 1-3 pm 2021 on Zoom.

It's important for every East Bay DSA member to participate so we can learn from our defeats, build upon our successes and meet this moment head on!



What is the Local Convention? 

East Bay DSA is a democratic, member-run organization. The Local Convention is the highest decision-making body of East Bay DSA and meets once a year to elect our Steering Committee and collectively decide our priorities for the coming year. 

This year the 3 main tasks of the Local Convention will be: 

  • Elect a new Steering Committee and 2021 National Convention delegates
  • Ratify our 2021 chapter platform and vote on 3 organizational priorities 
  • Vote on bylaws amendments

Find all the information you need to participate at



What will the Convention be like?

We’ll kick off the convention with featured speakers to get us inspired. Similar to our regular General Meetings, we will have structured debate and voting on proposals using Robert's Rules of Order, with speakers in favor and against each proposal that comes to the floor. We will also hear from comrades running for local steering committee seats. All East Bay DSA members are encouraged to attend, submit proposals, and vote at the convention! 

Double check your membership at Only current members will be able to vote! 

Not a member yet? Join now!

Check out this Robert's Rules cheat sheet! 


2021 Local Convention Timeline

For more information about phonebanks and possible supplemental events, please check

Questions and Accessibility

Email [email protected] ASAP with any accessibility needs so we can begin to arrange accommodations.

Other questions about the Convention? Reach out with questions at [email protected]

We are so excited to participate in the highest body of the chapter with you.

Solidarity forever,

East Bay DSA

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