From Team Swalwell <[email protected]>
Subject John, the GOP needs to be held accountable
Date April 8, 2021 1:42 AM
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John --

It seems like there's a new GOP scandal every single week.

Despite this, Republicans are still on the attack -- their
thinly-veiled attempts to smear Eric's record are nothing more
than distractions to draw attention away from themselves.
But John, we both know their efforts have failed.

Republicans continue to attack Eric because they know he will
expose their hypocrisy, speak truth to power, and continue his
fight to rid Washington of corruption.

That's why the GOP has put a target on Eric's back. Will you
pitch in a gift of $15 or more today to help us continue Eric's
work and fight to unseat corrupt GOP officials in 2022?
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The GOP is relentless, John. As long as Eric
continues his fight to hold Republicans accountable they will
continue their attacks -- spreading lies and employing dirty

GOP officials who think laws or ethical standards don't apply
to them don't deserve to be in Congress. We need elected
officials who fight to protect our democracy -- not those who
threaten it.

But we can't keep up Eric's fight or stand up to these cheap
attacks by Republicans without help from supporters like
you. Will you make a donation of $15 or more today to continue
our movement and hold the GOP accountable?
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Thanks for your support,

-- Team Swalwell----

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