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Subject Can you believe most Congress members don't know this?
Date April 6, 2021 4:41 PM
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Yes, you can help save the world. In the next couple of minutes.

A sad truth is that *most members of Congress know very little about nuclear weapons *and the "strategic" factors that could blow up the world.

The RootsAction Education Fund is launching a campaign to fix that. You can take the first step now -- by informing your Senators and Representative about a very important new report.

It's called "Inside the ICBM Lobby." Written by weapons expert William Hartung, the report provides *stunning details about the risks humanity faces because of the leverage that multibillion-dollar weapons contractors have over U.S. policies*.
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For lawmakers on Capitol Hill, the report really ought to be *required reading*. (You can see a summary and the full report via links under "Background" below.)

Former "Defense Department" Secretary William Perry now says that ICBMs are "some of the most dangerous weapons in the world."

Why are those missiles so dangerous for all of humanity? Because, as Hartung explains in his report summary, "under current policies* the president would have only a matter of minutes to decide whether to launch them in a crisis, increasing the risks of an accidental nuclear war*."

But "despite this reality," Hartung points out, "*proposals for reducing this risk have routinely been blocked*, in significant part due to a group of Senators from states that host ICBM bases or ICBM maintenance and development activities, often referred to as the ICBM Coalition."

We're working to *build a very different kind of coalition*, in tandem with other groups that also want to protect humanity's future instead of gravely endangering it. To be part of that imperative effort, take a minute now to* directly email your members of Congress [ [link removed] ]*.

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Thank you!

*Want to learn more about U.S.-Russian relations?* You're invited to an online presentation by -- and discussion with -- Andrei Tsygankov, author of "Russia and America: The Asymmetric Rivalry" and professor of Russian and international politics at San Francisco State University. *Click here to sign up for this free event, scheduled for Thursday evening (April 8) at 5 p.m. Pacific, 8 p.m. Eastern time.* [ [link removed] ]

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-- The RootsAction Education Fund Team

>> Summary of William Hartung's "Inside the ICBM Lobby" report [ [link removed] ]
>> William Hartung, Center for International Policy: "Inside the ICBM Lobby: Special Interests or the National Interest?" [ [link removed] ]


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