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Subject POLLUTERS EXPOSED: How big oil is exploiting America’s schools for their own gain
Date April 4, 2021 8:45 PM
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‌It’s no secret that oil lobbying outfits like American Petroleum Institute want to undermine the Biden administration’s bold plans for climate action. But new documents obtained by Accountable.US under a joint effort reveal just how cynical fossil fuel industry associations are in their efforts to protect their profit margins.

It turns out that the oil industry helped organize a group of high-ranking education officials from five states to write an open letter to the Biden administration claiming that Biden’s reasonable climate efforts would jeopardize funding for public schools across the West.

The letter purports to be an earnest plea from public education officials worried about school budgets -- but it’s just a regurgitation of misleading, debunked API talking points.

They have zero shame. API and their allies should stop using our teachers and schools to halt progress on climate action. Our children will pay the price for these lies,” said Lori Lodes, executive director of Climate Power Education Fund.

If API cared about school budgets, they would not be concerned about President Biden’s temporary drilling moratorium, because the order does not affect the royalties school districts depend on. Here’s the truth: They’re exploiting public schools as a Trojan horse to protect their own profits.

It’s bad enough for API to spread misinformation. But it’s even more disturbing when you consider that API’s polluting practices, if left unchecked, would leave our current generation to inherit a devastated environment.

Clearly, all API and its allies care about is their bottom line -- no matter who they have to deceive, or what consequences they leave for our children and grandchildren.

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