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A True Brexit Needs Resurrecting
April 1st, 2021
Dear Friends and Supporters

With the long Easter weekend coming up we wanted to send out our e-Bulletin a day early to make sure you all still get your essential Brexit update.

The past two weeks have continued to show the world the true colours of the European Union, with the continuation of threats over vaccine export bans by the EU Commission. However, this pales in comparison to the EU’s desperation to try and blame others for their own failings. Italian police raided a vaccine storage facility which housed millions of vaccines last week, claiming they were stockpiling doses to be sent to the UK. The reality was different though, as what they found was vaccines labelled for EU Member States - and some were even destined for export to developing countries for free. None were destined for the UK.

This level of delusion and willingness to try and embarrass pharmaceutical companies who have produced these vaccines on a non-profit-making basis - and to try and humiliate the UK - has somehow got even worse. On Monday, a large shipment of meningitis vaccines - made by UK company GlaxoSmithKline and destined for the USA - was blocked for export by Italian customs officials - even more ridiculous, they have now demanded the vaccines are tested to make sure they are not secret COVID-19 vaccines!

These are countries we are supposed to be ‘friends and partners’ with (according to the Prime Minister), but evidently they did not read, or understand the memo! Instead, what we are continuously seeing from the EU is a systematic attempt to try and undermine the UK at every opportunity. This is not just limited to the rollout of the vaccine however, but encapsulates the EU’s every action towards the UK since we left the EU.

This is all rooted in the EU’s belief that above all else, they need to see a newly independent UK fail outside the European Union, even if this means going against basic common sense. The UK is starting to succeed and thrive now we are free of the shackles of the EU, so the bureaucrats in Brussels are rightly terrified more countries will want to leave. Who could blame them when you see the mess they seem to be making of everything!
Before I continue, Get Britain Out will try and carry on with our fight to deliver a Real Brexit for the UK for as long as we can. However, we need money if you want us to keep going. Brexit is far from over with the European Court of Justice still holding jurisdiction over us, constant threats of legal action, and no full control over our economy, waters or laws. It is clearly important for us to continue to give you a voice in Westminster and keep up the pressure on the Government now most of the other campaigns have stopped.  If you can afford to donate so we can continue our work, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
However, some good news - for the past two weeks, Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, has finally announced the UK’s new Asylum and Refugee Policy to accompany the new Australia-style Immigration Points System. The new proposals are welcome reading for anyone wanting this country to finally ‘Take Back Control’ of our borders, and include measures such as ending the ability of lawyers to make last-minute appeals to deport criminals, as well as rejecting asylum claims if someone enters the UK illegally. Meaning asylum claims made by anyone ‘at risk’ in a refugee camp, will be given priority over those coming here via France and other EU Member States, where they should already be evidently safe.

This is important as in the first 3 months of 2021, the number of migrant crossing to Britain from France was 3 times as many as in the first 3 months of 2020. What is more absurd is these migrant boats continue to be escorted into UK waters and onto our shores by the French, instead of being unloaded from unsafe small boats and simply returned to France. Why on earth are we still sending millions of pounds every year to France to properly police these crossings if they are not doing so? I think it’s time to put this money to better use and invest in more border patrol vessels of our own!

In lighter news - it seems during the Christmas period, the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, was so desperate to convey her craving to re-join the EU, she sent a total of 29 Christmas cards to EU officials, meanwhile sending only one to a politician in the UK, this one being to the Prime Minister. Someone should tell the wee lass, it will take more than Christmas cards to re-join the EU, let alone the fact that the EU will demand a mountain of money, which without the money she currently gets from Westminster, Scotland simply would not be able to afford - and joining a sovereignty-sapping institution like the EU is the exact opposite of independence. It’s about time Sturgeon - and those who support the SNP - seriously looked at the realities of what they are trying to do, rather than getting egg on their faces again as they did in their last Independence Referendum!

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That’s all for now

Best wishes from Jayne Adye, Campaign Director - and the Team at Get Britain Out.

P.S. Your ongoing support is very much appreciated – I wish we had time to personally thank all of those who have helped with donations so far, but we still need more help, so please don’t forget if you can. There’s lots more to do to achieve the Real Brexit we need to allows us to be free from the stranglehold of Brussels. I understand times are tough, but every penny counts if we are to continue our work. 

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Best wishes to everyone - Keep Safe and have a lovely long Easter weekend,
Jayne and the Team
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