From Update on Stacey's fight (via DGA) <[email protected]>
Subject LAST CHANCE to stand with Stacey this quarter
Date April 1, 2021 1:25 AM
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We were starting to panic, John...

Trump's allies are pushing their dangerous agenda, and GOP governors are already doing everything in their power to pass cruel voter suppression laws – yet Democrats weren't donating to help us fight back.

Then Stacey Abrams personally asked you to go all-in to elect Democrats, and donations went THROUGH THE ROOF!

The GOP is already attacking Democratic governors like Gretchen Whitmer (MI), Tony Evers (WI) and Laura Kelly (KS) in crucial battleground states. And we need your help to protect governorships like those. If these governors' races go red, the GOP will enact more voter suppression laws – jeopardizing everything from the White House to the Senate to state legislatures for years to come.

That's why we're counting on you to answer Stacey's call and invest early to elect Democrats. We pulled your supporter record, and here's what we found:

Name: John
Supporter ID: 1706402
Given to defeat Republicans today? NO

We saw in Georgia that highly contested races in battleground states aren't won overnight – it takes time. The ONLY way to defeat GOP extremists is by investing RIGHT NOW – but we're falling short of our $100,000 end-of-quarter goal, and we're running out of time before tonight's midnight deadline.

Rush $1 or more right now – every dollar you can spare will be TRIPLED up to tonight's end-of-quarter goal – to protect crucial governorships in purple states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas and Pennsylvania and elect Democrats across the country.

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