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UK and USA sanction military companies
At last! We had two campaign breakthroughs on the same day, with the UK and USA coordinating the imposition of sanctions against military owned companies.
The UK has sanctioned military conglomerate Myanmar Economic Holdings Limited (MEHL). The USA has sanctioned MEHL and the other big military conglomerate, Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC). It is essential that the UK now moves swiftly to also sanction MEC.
We have been calling for these targeted sanctions for years. These military companies play an important role in financing the military and paying for the guns and bullets they are using against peaceful protesters.
You can read our media release responding to the new sanctions here.

EU decides not to sanction military companies

On Monday European Union foreign ministers met and decided that instead of sanctioning military companies, they would ban eleven members of the military from taking holidays in EU member states.
It’s a pathetically weak response to the coup.
If you have not done so already, please email EU member states calling on them to sanction military companies so that European companies can no longer do business with the military.
Take action here.
250 killed and 2,500 arrested and/or jailed
The death toll keeps rising, but protesters still take to the streets every day, despite the risk. Their bravery is astounding as they try to win freedom for their country. It stands in sharp contrast to the generally slow and weak response by the international community so far.
The new sanctions imposed by the UK and USA need to be the beginning of a strong international response, not the end.
Please make a donation today to support the people of Burma by maximising international pressure on the military.
The new sanctions on military companies show our campaigns can have an impact. Please donate today.
Please make a donation today
Thank you so much for your continued support.

All the best
Anna Roberts
Burma Campaign UK
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