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Subject Tragedy in Colorado, Calls for More Gun Control and Other News
Date March 23, 2021 11:39 PM
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The Left has admitted that they should never let a serious crisis go to
waste, and sadly – this is exactly what they are doing in the aftermath of
both the dreadful shootings in Georgia and Colorado. Frenzied calls for
more gun control have dominated the media – and although “thoughts and
prayers” are often snickered at, we nonetheless sincerely offer them to the
victims’ families. Their heartache must not be overshadowed by political

There is other news on the gun front – former California Attorney General
Xavier Becerra has admitted the “assault weapon” registration was
thoroughly botched, plus gun sales continue to skyrocket here in the Golden


And, make sure you take some time to read GOC’s latest blog [2]You Can’t
Polish a Turd – we’ve been fighting the microstamping mess ever since it
raised it’s ugly head in California nearly 20 years ago. Check it out – and
pass it on!

[3]Biden & Capitol Hill Gun-Banners Rush to Exploit Boulder Bloodshed |

There’s no room for grief in the Left’s playbook.

[4]Boulder Murders Bring Demands for Gun Control | Ammoland

Unfortunately, demands are being made before facts are yet known.

[5]Schumer To Hash Out Gun Control Plan After Mass Shootings | The Hill

Yup the Left will never let a tragedy go to waste.

[6]Gun Control In Colorado Fails To Stop Evil Killer | GOA

The laws on the Colorado books did nothing to stop this bloodshed.

[7]California Gun Sales Skyrocketing, Media Asks Why? | Bearing Arms

They clearly haven’t been paying attention.

[8]California Forced To Comply In Sharp V. Becerra Rifle Registration Case

A settlement has been reached.

[9]Becerra Quietly Admits Failure Of Gun Registration Website | Sac Bee

Then he halts California investigations.

[10]Biden Protected by Same Guns He Wants to Ban After Boulder Shooting |

This makes zero sense but it’s not surprising.

[11]Feinstein Wants Gun Control and Filibuster Reform | Slate

This gives big, unfortunate boost to effort.

[12]Brown University Explores Ultra-Secure Gun Registry | Brown University

Researchers looking into a “decentralized” system.

[13]Obama Uses Georgia Shootings To Call For Gun Control | Bearing Arms

This is just more use of a tragedy for political gain.

[14]The Washington Post has a Plan for Our Guns | Bearing Arms

It’s packing SCOTUS so “We could ban handguns…”

[15]Netflix Show ‘Paradise P.D.’ Mocks American Gun Owners | Breitbart

Features inept cops and yes, a promiscuous Jesus.

[16]The Absurdity of the Democrats’ Proposed New Ban on ‘Weapons of War’ |
Truth About Guns

They are simply repeating failure.

DON'T FORGET! Click on the icons BELOW for our printable legislative alerts
... We want as many people as possible to [17]PRINT THEM OUT AND TAKE THEM
TO YOUR LOCAL GUN STORE. Ask them to post the alert – which briefly
explains the bill, the author of the bill and the author’s phone number.

We can’t sit idly by and just let them continue to ram this garbage down
our throats – join us as we continue to ARM and INFORM the 2^ND Amendment


AB 311/Ward & SB 264/Min

Both bills are a direct assault on gun shows.


AB 1223/Levine

$25 levies a tax on every new gun sold in California.


AB 1509/Lee Reduces penalties for committing crime with a gun.









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