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The Return of EU Dictatorship
March 19th, 2021
Dear Friends and Supporters

After the UK Government finally stood up and took action to try and protect the UK’s Sovereignty and the freedom to trade freely between Great Britain (GB) and Northern Ireland (NI), the EU has again shown its true colours in the last two weeks. In response to the UK Government’s unilateral decision to not begin implementing checks on goods going from GB to NI - which we reported in our last e-Bulletin - the EU has now decided to try and sue the UK.

To make things even more unbelievable, the EU believes this court case can be taken through the European Court of Justice – because they believe trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a matter of so called ‘Union Law’ – i.e. EU Law – which is ridiculous as Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom and the UK has now left the EU! This level of arrogance is quite frankly unbelievable and demonstrates perfectly why the Northern Ireland Protocol - which is the reason these checks would be required in the first place - is not fit for purpose. We should not be signed up to any treaty which allows another country or international organisation to believe they can use a foreign court to regulate what happens in our own country.

A solution which has been suggested to help avoid a court case involves the UK signing up to a ‘veterinary agreement’ with the EU. While this would avoid the need for checks on goods, it would also mean tying the UK to EU hygiene rules permanently, with the added consequence of effectively restricting any future trade deals the UK wants to sign with other countries. Such a suggestion is yet another insult to the United Kingdom. No other country would ever accept terms like these, so why should we?

It has become very clear to everyone now, the EU has no interest in seeing the UK as a ‘friend and partner’ - as the Prime Minister loves to call the EU - but as an adversary who they must undermine at every turn. It’s time we pushed back against the EU and stopped playing the part of ‘Mr Nice Guy’, who always blinks first in a standoff.

The EU must be made to understand their actions will have consequences for their businesses and their people. We cannot continue to act as if nothing needs to be resolved. To quote Ursula von der Leyen’s latest buzz-word, there must be ‘reciprocity’ – and the EU is definitely not showing any towards the UK! We must take the fight to Brussels through the enforcement of checks on goods coming into the UK and we must cut off the money which we are STILL sending to Brussels every year - money we supposedly only agreed to pay as a sign of ‘good faith’ between the UK and the EU.
I must remind all of our supporters, the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement is yet to be officially confirmed by the EU Parliament – and they now refuse to confirm a date for this to be ratified - meaning the UK can still walk away to trade on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms. In my eyes this is the only sensible option, because it is abundantly clear the EU will not play nicely under this agreement and will try to find every possible loophole to keep the UK shackled to the EU.
Before I continue, Get Britain Out will try and carry on with our fight to deliver a Real Brexit for the United Kingdom for as long as we can. However, your donations are becoming less and less and we need money if you want us to keep going. The behaviour of the EU in the past two weeks shows why Brexit is by no means complete. We are at risk of being continually threatened and controlled by European courts and our companies are also under threat of hostile takeover until we are entirely separated from the EU. Most Brexit campaigns have shut up shop, so it is important for us to continue to give you a voice in Westminster and keep up the pressure on the Government - but we cannot do this without money. If you can afford to help, it would be very much appreciated so we can continue our work. Thank you.
In another sign of the EU’s advance towards dictatorship, the dispute over COVID-19 vaccines has now reached fever pitch. This week, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has threatened the UK that she could cut off our supplies of vaccines made in the EU - because we are too successful and are not compliant with EU rules. She even went as far as to suggest she is ready to invoke Article 122 of the Lisbon Treaty, which gives the EU Commission emergency powers to seize factories, take direct control of production lines and redistribute vaccines, regardless of the contracts private companies have agreed with other countries. It is clear to all of us the EU’s turn towards dictatorship is worrying, as it seems von der Leyen will stop at nothing to try and suppress the success of the UK and boost the amount of power held by the European Commission.
What is even more concerning and shows again why Leaving the EU was the correct decision to make, this triggering of Article 122 would not be limited to vaccine factories. The EU would be free to take control of any company they see fit in order to pursue their mission to control the entire European Continent. The fact Article 122 even exists in the Lisbon Treaty is reason enough for the entire document to be torn up, and demonstrates how deluded those who dragged us into the EU when it changed from the ‘European Economic Community’ (the EEC) in the first place really were.

However, now we are outside the EU, the prospect of Article 122 being triggered is a huge opportunity for the UK, because it shows the true colours of the EU to anyone who hasn’t been paying attention. We must show ourselves to be the exact opposite of the EU by welcoming businesses, and assuring them their investments and factories will not be seized as part of a political game to create a federal United States of Europe. The UK can be the safe haven of Europe from the EU. All we need to do now is embrace this opportunity and distance ourselves from the ever-more ideological, power-hungry political project. To not do this would mean a complete and total failure to deliver on the huge possibilities presented by Brexit.

Away from the doom and gloom of the EU’s attempts to undermine the UK’s Sovereignty, this week the Government has had some success by securing a trilateral fishing agreement with both Norway and the EU over fishing quotas in the North Sea. This means we have now secured access for UK boats to substantial levels of fish species, like cod, haddock and plaice. Most importantly, in this deal the UK has increased the proportion of catch our ships receive by 10% showing just how much we can achieve when we stand up for our priorities and what an amazing opportunity Brexit can be for our fisherman.

However, this is not the end, and right now other sectors of our fishing industry have been abandoned by the Government with no sight of the benefits of Brexit. The key to this is the fact the Government has failed to address the problem of ships owned and operated by European companies owning large swathes of the allocated UK fish quotas. These are quotas they only own because UK fisherman sold them off when we first joined the Common Fisheries Policy, because their business was no longer viable. The Government has also failed to come to any solution to end the EU’s imposed ban on the export of unprocessed seafood from the UK into the EU - despite the fact EU boats are catching the exact same seafood in UK waters and simply landing their catch in the EU.

These failings are exactly why I have written to the new Secretary of State for DEFRA, as well as the fisheries Minister and the Prime Minister to ask them to action 4 key points which will begin to redress the balance and help rebuild our domestic fishing industry:
  1. Revoke any licences granted to EU ships to fish in UK waters until the EU’s ban on unprocessed seafood imports is lifted.
  2. Ban the use of large so-called ‘Factory Ships’ in UK waters, to allow for better competition among all fisherman.
  3. Review the current quota system for ships. These should have been reviewed before being re-issued when we left the EU, instead of simply rolling over. When these quotas were first allocated over 30 years ago, the fishing industry was radically different to now.
  4. Any ship which wants a quota to fish in UK waters must meet the following requirements:
    1. The ship ownership is a registered company in the UK;
    2. The majority of crew must be UK citizens;
    3. All catch must be landed in UK ports.
Read my letter to the Secretary of State HERE.

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