From Steve Grande <[email protected]>
Subject We have a CHOICE.
Date September 30, 2019 7:31 PM
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Hello, John.

I'm writing to you as a member of the campaign team to get Tom Ikert
elected as our next Member of Parliament.

As you're likely aware, we're going to the polls on October 21.
You're also probably aware that, at this time, the race is very close
between the Conservatives and Liberals. There is a good chance that we
will have either a minority government or a majority government with a
very slim margin.

I don't believe I'm going out on a limb by stating that, in our
area, we're going to elect a conservative Member of Parliament. About
80% of the voters in the last election voted conservative and I can't
imagine that number will be any lower this time around.

And yet, as we've seen for too many elections in the past, the outcome
will probably already be decided in eastern Canada, even before our
votes are counted.

It's frustrating, isn't it? It makes you wonder if it's even
possible for us to make a difference!

This time, though, I'd say it is possible. This time we can make a
difference, not just for our area, but for all of Canada. This time, we
have a choice between two different conservative candidates.

Take a look at the numbers again and you'll see that we don't have
to worry about splitting the vote. Even if each of these two candidates
took half of the conservative votes, each of the two would still have
twice as many votes as all of the other candidates combined. Vote
splitting simply isn't going to happen here. And if anyone tells you
that it is, they either don't know the truth or aren't giving it.

And it's not possible for us to split the vote on a national scale,
either. The numbers just don't work that way. A conservative vote
here, regardless of the party, is a vote for a conservative Canada.

So, for once in a long time, we actually get to vote in a way that can
make a difference.

Personally speaking, since I get a choice this time, I want a
representative who will spend more time talking about things that
actually matter rather than about what someone else once said or did. I
want someone who's going to get down to business without thinking

I want a representative who will not be so afraid of losing votes in a
future election that he's paralyzed from saying or doing what we
really need to do today - who won't be afraid to say what is right
because it may not be considered politically correct.

I want a representative who will not just disappear into the back row
and say what he's told to say, but to take every opportunity to make
some noise and be a real voice for positive change.

I want a representative who's going to grab the Country's steering
wheel and pull it to the right to get us out of the ditch and back on
the road again.

And that's why I'm going to be voting for Tom.

If you're with me, then we need your help. We need to let every voter
in our area know that they finally have an opportunity to make a real

1. We need to put ads in the newspapers across our region. If you donate
$400, you'll pay for one full page ad in one of the 7 papers in our
area. If 14 of you do this, we'll be able to get this message out
twice before election day.
2. We need to get signs out. Will you take a sign and put it on your
3. We need to get the conversation going. Will you invite Tom to come to
your house and invite your friends and neighbours to come too, so that
they can meet him and learn for themselves what Tom can do to help them
make a difference?

Visit our website at [link removed]
or just respond to this email and let us know how you can help us make a
difference on October 21.

We have a Voice who is Unapologetically Conservative and we need your
help today to make sure that voters in our region know that this time,
they can actually make a difference.

Steve Grande
Chestermere, Alberta


Did you know: Political donations qualify for generous tax credits!

Donations over $20 qualify for tax receipts, which you can use to get a
refund when you file your 2019 taxes this spring!

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