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Subject It’s racist
Date March 19, 2021 12:02 AM
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Have you seen the latest comments from Ron Johnson? 

When asked about the 1/6/2021 attacks on a radio show, he said that he
never feared for his life but “had the tables been turned...and those were
tens of thousands of Black lives matter protestors, I would have been a
little concerned.” Ron Johnson claims that the comments were in no way
racially motivated, but at ABWT we can call a racist dog whistle when we
see one, and we’re calling it.

Truthfully, it’s embarrassing. Wisconsin not only deserves better than Ron
Johnson, Wisconsin is better than Ron Johnson. 

In Wisconsin, we know when it’s time to stop hiding behind “Midwest Nice”
and call out racism when we see it. It is past time with Ron Johnson.

[ [link removed] ]Donate now to tell Ron Johnson that WI does NOT stand for coded racism
from the people who represent us!

At ABWT, we stand alongside the over one million Wisconsin residents who
took to the streets for Black lives last summer. We also believe that the
key to a successful progressive movement is one that not only one that
uplifts the voices of communities of color, but one that is also actively
working to dismantle white supremacy.

Regardless of his plans in 2022, A Better Wisconsin Together is taking
2021 to blast Ron Johnson for the ways he has continually let down
Wisconsin with his racist or sexist remarks and continuous fear-mongering.

At A Better Wisconsin Together, we have been working to hold him
accountable for the 1/6/21 attack, but we can't stop now. Help us continue
to hold him accountable for his racist language and refusal to help
Wisconsinites recover from this pandemic. We can't let him get away with
that he's doing to Wisconsin.

[ [link removed] ]Can you donate $10, $25, or whatever you can so more people across
Wisconsin can see our ad?

Together we can,
A Better Wisconsin Together


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