From Team Johnson <[email protected]>
Date March 12, 2021 7:53 PM
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2_031121&utm_agency=alpha Friend,

This is coming down to the
wire. Mike asked us to reach out and make sure you saw yesterday’s

Nancy Pelosi’s House already voted - the Senate is up next
ANY DAY on a pair of controversial anti-gun bills that we absolutely
need to stop.

With the Democrats' razor thin majority, this is only
the beginning – and if we don’t take back the reins of power from her,
our Second Amendment rights are done for.

Let’s make a statement
that patriotic Americans will NOT be silenced and will NOT be scared
off by a Democrat Majority.
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l2_031121&utm_agency=alpha Can you chip in $5, $10, or whatever you can
manage right now?

-Team Johnson
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From: Mike

There’s no
time to waste. Nancy Pelosi is ramming through two huge pieces of gun
control legislation this week – and I need your voice to help stop it.
H.R. 8 would criminalize the transfer of any firearm without a
background check, and create a backdoor gun registration program.
Hunting with a buddy and need him to hold your shotgun while you tie
your shoe? You’ve now committed a felony. Handing your deer rifle to a
neighbor to show him your new scope? You’ve now committed a felony.
H.R. 1446 would delay FBI background checks, some indefinitely, for
those seeking FBI permission to purchase a firearm.

This is exactly
what we have feared most as Americans who cherish our freedom and our
inalienable 2nd Amendment rights.
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FIGHT This fight is just getting started! Clearly, the Democrats are
charging forward with their anti-gun agenda. The good news is, they
only have a razor thin majority right now, so it gives them very little
room to beat us. It is absolutely critical we use this opportunity to
galvanize our conservative base NOW to make sure we can preserve our

We need every single patriot behind this effort! If the
radical Left passes these gun control bills it will be that much harder
to reverse them in the future. We have to draw our line in the sand

Please lend your support and stand with me today to
support our God-given rights.
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petition now, before it’s too late.

Thank you sincerely for your
Mike Johnson
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