Kickoff for our Action Week Against Racism: Call for MICROVOLUNTEERS!

Greetings to the UNITED network!

We are right at the kickoff point for our Action Week Against Racism campaign! Get your actions ready - from the 16th to the 21st, we will be showcasing all your events and showing the world our unity in antiracism!

Still stuck for ideas? Remember, we have our collection of best practice examples from previous years. These include actions like: 

  • Organize a organise a workshop or a non-formal webinar
  • Host a socially distant anti-racism picnic
  • Host an online jam session/open mic/poetry event
  • Organize a historical walk, bearing safety measures in mind

And many more!

Whatever you organize, email us at [email protected]


Alongside your actions above, UNITED calls on you all to participate in offering your time to your fellow people in the form of microvolunteering.

What is microvolunteering?

We have all been been in the familiar situation of needing help, and having a close family member or friend to ask for help. However, there are many who don't have this option. This is where you come in - you can microvolunteer and make someone's day a little bit better. 

Microvolunteering is volunteering done in palatable, bite-sized chunks. It’s donating little bits of your time when and where you can, from wherever you are at, to contribute to a worthy cause. It’s more than retweeting a tweet, reposting a hashtag, signing a petition, taking a photo, or attending a webinar. It’s seeing someone in distress and offering help, it’s taking out the trash when your neighbor is sick, volunteering to share food, signing up at a hospital to donate blood.Anything with a good intention counts. It’s actions on a micro scale, that with enough time and enough numbers, build up to something grander and larger. This is where our campaign comes in.

This time it is difficult to organise any offline action, so you are more than welcome, and also encouraged, to microvolunteer with us!

Print out the photo below, and take a picture with it during your activity, and post it with the #SOLIDARITY or #LIMITLESS.SOLIDARITY. Don’t forget to tag UNITED, whether on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

We cannot wait to see and repost your pictures, and showcase our unity across Europe.

Until then, stay safe, STAY UNITED!


In other news…

Did you catch our event at the World Social Forum 2021?

This year, UNITED for Intercultural Action, along with Prague Spring 2 against right-wing extremism and populism, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam Network, and Alternatives, organized a day-long virtual event on the topic of climate, ecology, and the environment. This virtual conference entitled ‘Assembly of Ecological Space’ was aimed at providing an opportunity for movements and organizations to plan joint initiatives on climate, ecology, and environment and find answers for questions such as:  

  • Can you endorse the Pan-Amazon message for the World Social Forum 2021? 
  • What is missing, what should be changed? 
  • What is the need of the day for building a transformative movement that will prevent ecological collapse? 

Read more about it here!

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