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I want to quickly follow up on this -- the House Oversight Committee’s hearing on my bill to make D.C. our country’s 51st state is TODAY.

This is a critical turning point on the road to give Washingtonians full voting representation in our government and honor our country’s democratic values, and I noticed you haven’t signed our petition yet. If you support making D.C. our 51st state, please add your name before the end of the day.

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From: Tom Carper 
Subject: D.C. Statehood

This week, the House Oversight Committee will consider the bill I introduced in the Senate that would make Washington, D.C., our country’s 51st state and give full voting representation that’s long overdue to the more than 700,000 Americans who call D.C. home.

This bill is an important step toward correcting a longstanding injustice and making the vision of our great democracy a reality for all Americans.

The bill faces a tough road ahead in Congress, so we need to rally as much grassroots enthusiasm for making D.C. our 51st state as possible. Please -- sign on your support today before the House Oversight Committee’s hearing on Thursday.


Last week, one of my Republican colleagues in the Senate tried to overturn a local law passed by the D.C. Council. He was able to do so precisely because Washingtonians do not have full voting representation in our democracy.

As it stands, Congress reviews all legislation passed by the D.C. Council before it can become law. D.C. can’t control its own budget, and D.C. officials can’t even deploy the National Guard in cases of local emergencies and public safety crises the way other state officials can.

This is an issue of basic fairness. 

D.C. isn’t just home to our nation’s government. It’s home to Americans who go to work, own businesses, serve in our military, pay their taxes, and contribute to our great country. They deserve the same rights as other Americans across the country.

This isn’t a Republican or Democratic issue. It’s not a D.C. issue. It’s an American issue. It’s up to all of us to speak up and demand justice for the people of D.C. And that’s why I’m asking you to join me in supporting this important measure to make D.C. our 51st state and give Washingtonians full voting representation in our democracy. Please add your name before the House hearing on Thursday >>


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