John, I was talking with Dan over the weekend, and he told me about his crucial FEC deadline. He tells me we’re only $4,984 away from reaching our goal!

This deadline is incredibly essential to Dan’s campaign. Dan’s been working hard to find commonsense solutions to the problems that Illinoisans face, and I see how hard he works every day.

Recently, Dan has been attacked by extremists on both sides of the political spectrum — so we need your support now more than ever.

Can you rush $15 by midnight? Any amount will help us fight back.

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We both hate asking for money, but this deadline is truly the most important one we've faced yet. Anything you can contribute would help our campaign immeasurably.

Thank you again,



Dan, an engineer and former teacher, has brought hundreds of millions of dollars in critical infrastructure projects to Illinois, fought for better schools, protections for our seniors, reforms to fix our broken Congress, and sought to make healthcare more affordable for all. We are grateful for your support. Please take a moment to like Dan on Facebook or follow Dan on Twitter. If you’d like to contribute to help Dan keep fighting in Congress, you can click here to support Dan’s reelection now.


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