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Subject 53% + 69% + 91% = ?
Date February 23, 2021 10:05 PM
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Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion relief package is bipartisan. What else would you call a piece of legislation that has the support of 53% of Republicans, 69% of independents, and 91% of Democrats?

Well, John, if the trickle-down adherents in Washington, D.C., had their way - those same "deficit hawks" who couldn't wait to pass trillion-dollar tax cuts for the wealthy - Americans would believe the Biden administration's COVID-19 response package was anything but bipartisan.

"Where's the unity?" They cry, as millions of Americans fall into a downward economic spiral with more than 10 million unemployed, millions behind on rent, and many more unable to put food on the table - all topped off by meager unemployment benefits that are about to expire.

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But the facts are these: Multiple opinion polls have found nearly 70% of Americans support the Biden administration's $1.9 trillion stimulus package - and that support is thoroughly bipartisan.

The evidence of super-majoritarian, bipartisan support doesn't stop there. Hundreds of mayors and dozens of governors - Republicans and Democrats alike - have spoken out in favor of the relief package. Probably because these state officials are the most in touch with, and most connected to, the people they represent and the constant stream of issues they are facing - and less concerned with partisan culture wars.

Despite all this, Republican senators - who, despite holding 50 seats, represent millions of fewer voters than Democratic senators - may not give the package any votes, threatening to throw our economy further into catastrophe.

But it's the people who truly matter in this fight. It's the people who deserve policies that support them, and this relief package will give them more money to spend so that everybody - from working families to small businesses - does better. Putting money into the hands of those who need it most, as Biden's COVID-19 response bill does, would create a virtuous economic cycle as opposed to a downward spiral.

So we're enlisting this team of troublemakers to keep the pressure on. Republican senators claim they haven't seen any evidence of bipartisanship, so we must let them know in no uncertain terms that most Americans want this relief, and they want it now. That's why we need 2,500 supporters to sign our petition urging Congress to pass a full and robust COVID relief package for all. Will you add your name right now?

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Thanks for your support.



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