From Eric Holder <[email protected]>
Subject Our democracy is bruised and weakened
Date February 23, 2021 12:36 PM
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Earlier this month, I shared with you that state legislatures across the country are considering 165 bills that would restrict voting in response to record turnout. The number of these voter suppression bills keeps growing.

These attempts are nothing more than another undemocratic effort to hold onto power. Extreme politicians who are already overrepresented in our governments are trying to make permanent their obstruction and their special interest-backed agenda.

Will you pitch in $15 -- or whatever amount that's most comfortable to you -- to All On The Line's Rebuilding Democracy Fund? Your donation will help us continue advocating for bills that will safeguard our democracy.

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Congress should move swiftly to protect our democracy by passing both the For the People and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Acts. But we know obstructionists in Congress will attempt to stall progress.

The Senate should not allow an anti-democratic tool like the filibuster -- which was used to stop civil rights legislation -- to now stop these critical bills that would protect and strengthen the power of our vote. This legislation is now more important than ever as we face new threats to restrict voting in the states.

Our best shot to stop extremists in state legislatures from suppressing the vote in the next round of elections is to convince Congress to pass pro-democracy legislation on the federal level.

Can I count on you to make a donation right now -- of any amount -- to All On The Line's Rebuilding Democracy Fund? We are urging Congress to pass these bills into law.

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I've seen a lot of progress in our country, but we have a ways to go. Together, we can work to make our country more fair for everyone.

-- Eric H. Holder, Jr.

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