From Ritchie Torres <[email protected]>
Subject “first-class w****”
Date February 20, 2021 12:00 AM
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John, it’s time for Ed Mullins to go.

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New York City’s history as a progressive center doesn’t preclude us from our share of dangerous cranks -- we have Sergeants Benevolent Association president Ed Mullins to fill that role.

During my campaign, he called me a ”first-class whore,” and he still refuses to apologize. He has called New York’s former health commissioner a “bitch.” Under the guise of being a labor leader, he traffics disgusting views that put our city at risk.

Let’s be clear -- Mullins has always been a racist, homophobic, misogynistic conspiracy theorist, making a living on the tax payer’s dime -- and we cannot stand for it any longer.

So John, I am asking you to sign on to call on the NYPD to fire Ed Mullins. The residents of our city deserve better.

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Thank you for standing up for what is right.

Ritchie Torres

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Ritchie Torres represents the future of the Democratic Party. Raised by a single mother in public housing, Ritchie personally understands the hardships that working families endure. At age 25, Ritchie made history as the youngest elected official to serve on the New York City Council. He fought tirelessly for the working families of The Bronx, and now, he's fighting for those families and for progressive values in Congress. He is the first openly gay Afro Latino ever elected to Congress. Ritchie is a champion for progressive policies to fight poverty and to improve the lives of families just like the one he was raised in.

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