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Subject Rush Limbaugh: Tribute to a Great American | Speaker Pelosi, Take Down the Capitol Fence | Biden Risks Undermining US-Israel Alliance
Date February 17, 2021 9:23 PM
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Newt Gingrich: Rush Limbaugh: Tribute to a Great American

Rush Limbaugh’s passing is a tragic moment. Callista and my sympathies go out to his family and loved ones. He was a wonderful man and one of the great heroic figures of the conservative movement.

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Join Today [[link removed]] Newt Gingrich: Speaker Pelosi, Take Down the Capitol Fence

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s fence around the US Capitol is an eye sore, an insult to the American people, and an embarrassment for the Unites States around the world.

Click Here [[link removed]] Newt Gingrich: California Unemployment Fraud – A $31 Billion Theft

Part 1 – By January 2021, the California State Auditor had identified at least $11.4 billion that had been taken from the California unemployment insurance program. But many experts are now estimating the fraud could be as high as $31 billion. Newt discusses the extent of this fraud with McGregor Scott, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of California.

Click Here [[link removed]] Aaron Kliegman: Biden Risks Undermining US-Israel Alliance

President Joe Biden has been in office more than a month, and he still hasn’t called the prime minister of Israel, one of America’s closest allies. This delay would seem less like a snub if Biden hadn’t already called so many of America’s other allies — and touted those calls publicly.

Click Here [[link removed]] Gianno Caldwell: America Is Burning, and Democrats are Helping ANTIFA Light the Flame with Andy Ng‪o

Democrats and their allies in the media have dismissed Antifa as a non-existent threat. Gianno’s podcast guest is journalist Andy Ngo, who has been attacked and repeatedly threatened by Antifa extremists for covering their brutality and radicalism on the frontlines.

Click Here [[link removed]] Rob Smith: Gina Carano’s KO: Conservatives Finally Fight Back in the Culture War‪s

In his latest podcast, Rob explains that conservatives need to follow the example of Gina Carano. She was fired from The Mandalorian because of her social media posts -- but she refuses to be canceled.

Click Here [[link removed]] Our Latest Poll: Have you experienced delays or other obstacles receiving your COVID-19 vaccine?

Weeks into the rollout, only 11% of Americans have received one or two shots of the vaccine*. We would like to hear from you if you experienced delays or obstacles receiving your COVID-19 vaccine -- or are declining to get one.

*source: New York Times, "The Coronavirus Crossroads: the Vaccinated, the Stymied and the Waiting" Feb. 15

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The Gingrich Foundation is pleased to designate the American Heart Association as its Charity of the Month for February. The Foundation would like to recognize the Association’s commitment to improving heart health and lives across the nation.

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