From Mike Waltz <[email protected]>
Subject ICYMI: America must boycott the 2022 Olympics in China
Date February 16, 2021 8:00 PM
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America should not embolden or legitimize a brutal dictatorship that tortures
and enslaves millions of its people and has released a virus that has killed
millions around the world.

This is why yesterday I introduced a resolution in Congress urging the United
States to boycott the 2022 Olympics in China unless the International Olympic
Committee moves it to another country.


This morning I was on Fox News to discuss.
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The Chinese Communist Party has unleashed the Coronavirus on the world, they
covered it up, and now millions are dead. Now China is torturing and enslaving
millions from their own populace, specifically the Uyghurs Muslims in
concentration camps with forced labor, forced rape, and forced sterilization.
China habitually abuses their own population by violating their human rights,
such as freedom to practice religion and free speech. 


That's why in its annual report, Human Rights Watch said that "China is in the
midst of its darkest period for human rights since the Tiananmen Square


Further, companies like NBC, Apple, and Nike that push social justice
campaigns in America completely ignore existing concentration camps in China;
all in the pursuit of profit from the Chinese people. These global corporations
should be ashamed of the billions they make off the slave labor in Western
China and certainly shouldn’t be rewarded with even more money from Olympic
endorsement deals.


Given all of this, how can we then reward the Chinese Communist Party with the


Enough is enough with the Chinese Communist Party and their abuses.
The American people must draw a line in the sand and declare that it is time to
move the Olympics out of China.


In the coming days and weeks, I look forward to sharing more with you on how
we are going to fight against this, the new 21st century threat against
America: the Chinese Communist Party and the values they are attempting to
export around the world. 

In Service,

Mike Waltz


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