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Subject Weekly update from Campaign Against Antisemitism
Date February 14, 2021 5:02 PM
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This week’s updates from Campaign Against Antisemitism

This week’s updates from Campaign Against Antisemitism
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** This week’s updates
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** CAA writes to UCL’s Provost after Academic Board passes advisory motion calling on University to “retract and replace” International Definition of Antisemitism
Friday, 12th February, 15:48

UCL’s Academic Board has passed an advisory resolution calling on the University to “retract and replace” the International Definition of Antisemitism, which UCL adopted in 2019. In December 2019, shortly after UCL adopted the Definition to send a message of solidarity with its Jewish students, the Academic Board established a “Working Group on Racism and Prejudice” to “examines the […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Holocaust survivor and rabbi son abused and punched in unprovoked bus attack
Friday, 12th February, 11:29

A Holocaust survivor has been left traumatised after she and her son, a Rabbi, were punched and verbally abused by a woman in an unprovoked attack on a bus. The assailant struck the elderly survivor in the head and her son whilst screaming: “I hate you Jews, it’s not your place, you took our money.” She also […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** “Skulduggery continues” as Labour reportedly drops without a word its quiet investigation into Deputy Leader Angela Rayner launched following CAA complaint
Thursday, 11th February, 16:23

The Labour Party has taken a regressive step by reportedly opening and promptly closing an investigation into Deputy Leader Angela Rayner over an antisemitism complaint submitted by Campaign Against Antisemitism. The complaint relates to Ms Rayner’s promotion of a book entitled The Holocaust Industry, in which the author claims that the American Jewish establishment exploits the Holocaust for political and financial […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Conservative local council candidate dropped after reference to “Aryan race” in tweet to Jewish MP
Tuesday, 9th February, 16:17

The Conservative Party has reportedly dropped a local council candidate after she referenced the “Aryan race” in a tweet to her local MP, who is Jewish. Sharon Thomason was in a Twitter dialogue with Labour’s Charlotte Nichols MP, who commented in a tweet on a story about the Prime Minister and his partner expecting a baby, saying “Keep the […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** No jail time for UK’s youngest terror offender who reportedly recruited others to violent terrorism
Tuesday, 9th February, 15:21

A teenager from Cornwall who recently became the UK’s youngest terror offender has controversially been spared a custodial sentence. Now sixteen, the neo-Nazi teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted two counts of dissemination of terrorist documents and ten of possession of terrorist material, after he downloaded his first bombmaking manual at thirteen, and joined the far-right […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Gavin Williamson suggests financial penalties for universities over antisemitism, as CAA provides audit of universities
Tuesday, 9th February, 15:03

Gavin Williamson, the Education Secretary, has written to the Office for Students on the matter of adoption of the International Definition of Antisemitism. The Office for Students is the regulator and competition authority for the higher education sector in England. In his letter, which covered numerous topics relating to universities and campus life, Mr Williamson called for the Office for Students […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Jewish students face mix of solidarity and antisemitic backlash for raising concerns over appearance of controversial filmmaker Ken Loach at St Peter’s College, Oxford
Tuesday, 9th February, 13:10

Jewish students are facing an antisemitic backlash online after opposing an event with the controversial filmmaker Ken Loach, who has a history of antisemitism-denial and inflammatory comments. The event was being hosted by Prof. Judith Buchanan, the Master of St Peter’s College, of which Mr Loach is an alumnus. Oxford students have largely sided with their Jewish […] Continue reading ([link removed])

** Man screams “You f***ing damn p**** this is our country, I will batter the f*** out of you” in ten minutes of verbal abuse against disabled Jewish man on London bus
Tuesday, 9th February, 12:01

A man has subjected a Jewish couple – including a disabled man – to ten minutes of verbal abuse on a London bus. The offender screamed “You f***ing damn p**** this is our country, I will batter the f*** out of you” and various other obscenities at the couple. He was also apparently infuriated that the disabled person […] Continue reading ([link removed])

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