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Subject Biden Wants to “Make America California Again?" | Newsom Recall | America’s Taiwan Policy Needs an Update
Date February 13, 2021 4:17 PM
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Join Today [[link removed]] Newt Gingrich: Biden Wants to “Make America California Again?”

It is nothing short of delusional to look to California as a model for the United States. How could the California model of progressive, big-government, high-tax politics work for America, when it is not even working for Californians?

Click Here [[link removed]] Newt Gingrich: California and the Newsom Recall

Join Newt as he discusses the current push in California to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom. It's potentially the largest grassroots effort California has ever seen.

Click Here [[link removed]] CJ Pearson: My Conversation With Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green‪e‬

CJ Pearson sits down with embattled Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene for an in-depth conversation about her last few weeks in Washington. She breaks down her experience getting canceled, her information being doxed, and the future plans for both her and the Republican Party.

Click Here [[link removed]] Aaron Kliegman: America’s Taiwan Policy Needs an Update

Just three days after President Joe Biden’s inauguration, the Chinese military simulated an attack on a US Navy aircraft carrier during an incursion into Taiwan’s airspace. China’s message to the US was clear: Taiwan is ours, and we’re ready to use military force to conquer it.

Click Here [[link removed]] Claire Christensen: President Biden is Already Botching China Policy

In a phone call with General Secretary Xi Jinping, President Biden outlined exactly what his administration’s approach will be on US-China policy. As communist China moves toward its goal of becoming the global superpower by 2049, Biden’s policy decisions have already lessened the United States’ competitive edge and moved the CCP closer to achieving its goal.

Click Here [[link removed]] Our Latest Poll: Trump's Impeachment Defense Strategy?

During his appearance on Hannity TV, Newt discussed the strategies Donald Trump's impeachment defense team could take. They could rush the trial to minimize the Democrats' public spectacle, or they could drag it out by introducing numerous witnesses in the former president's defense to share his side of the story. Which tack should they take?

Click Here [[link removed]] Charity of the Month: [[link removed]]American Heart Association

The Gingrich Foundation is pleased to designate the American Heart Association as its Charity of the Month for February. The Foundation would like to recognize the Association’s commitment to improving heart health and lives across the nation.

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