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Subject Nuclear Conflict is a “Very Real Possibility” | What is Driving Nancy Pelosi Crazy | Tribalism Begins in the Classroom
Date February 6, 2021 7:05 PM
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Newt Gingrich: Nuclear Conflict is a “Very Real Possibility” When I read Adm. Charles Richard’s warning that “nuclear employment is a very real possibility,” I sat up and began worrying as I have not worried since the end of the Cold War in 1991. Click Here [[link removed]]

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Click Here [[link removed]] Newt Gingrich: Washington State’s $600 Million Nigerian Fraud Scheme Suzi LeVine was deeply involved in the Washington State unemployment disaster that cost her state over $600 million to a Nigerian fraud ring. Newt’s guest is John Carlson, radio host for 570 KVI in Seattle. Click Here [[link removed]] Aaron Kliegman: Tribalism Begins in the Classroom If you really want to unify the country, do something about K-12 education. Fight the efforts to impose divisive, anti-American curricula on America’s youth. Education should focus on teaching raw knowledge and developing critical thinking, not imposing a hostile ideology. Click Here [[link removed]] Tim Kennedy: Biden’s Washington is Pushing the Envelope on Safety For all the grief President Trump received for his candor and policies during his time in office, the Trump-Pence administration never pursued the kind of divisive policies currently being levied by President Biden and his administration following the Jan. 6 US Capitol riot. Click Here [[link removed]] CJ Pearson: [[link removed]]Stand with Marjori‪e‬ CJ is back to break down the Left's hypocrisy in its attempt to kick Marjorie Taylor Greene out of Congress. What did the GOP do and what should they have done? Click Here [[link removed]] Newt Gingrich: [[link removed]] I Figured Out What is Driving Nancy Pelosi Crazy [[link removed]] With a dwindling vote margin in the House -- and strong leadership from Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy -- the reality is Nancy Pelosi could be the last Democrat Speaker for a while. Click Here [[link removed]] Newt Gingrich: [[link removed]]This Unconstitutional Impeachment is a Democrat Charade This unconstitutional impeachment represents a bad fantasy movie created by deeply hostile left-wing Democrats. Click Here [[link removed]] Latest Poll [[link removed]] Newt said this week there were likely three paths forward for the Republican party. Which one do you think the GOP should take? [[link removed]] Click Here [[link removed]] Charity of the Month: [[link removed]]American Heart Association The Gingrich Foundation is pleased to designate the American Heart Association as its Charity of the Month for February. The Foundation would like to recognize the Association’s commitment to improving heart health and lives across the nation. Click Here [[link removed]] Visit the Gingrich 360 Store [[link removed]]

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