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The EU’s Mask Drops

February 5th, 2021
Dear Friends and Supporters

The past two weeks have probably done more to expose the EU’s true nature than any argument made by Brexiteers in the last few years. With the EU’s recent ‘Power Grab’ to control all vaccine distribution in Member States proving to be one of the biggest political mistakes of the last decade, those in Brussels have subsequently tried to effectively end all exportation of vaccines out of the EU – as well as serious attempts to trash the reputation of one of the vaccines which they are fighting for – the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, by claiming it is not effective enough. This beggars belief!

All this has come about because the EU Commission - and its President, Ursula von der Leyen, decided to throw their toys out of the pram after they were told because they had delayed ordering certain vaccines for months - including for the UK-made Oxford-AstraZeneca – they would be receiving their orders later than countries which got on board early. Have they never heard of ‘First Come, First Served’?

The EU’s blatant attempts to pull up the drawbridge last week had one fatal flaw - it meant implementing a hard border on the island of Ireland - something the EU has clearly said they would never do! Yet surprise, surprise - they tried to do it anyway, because to the EU Commission, the Good Friday Agreement was never important in the Brexit negotiations. They used it only as a tool to make the negotiations more difficult for the UK.

So - in what the EU has since simply been termed “an oversight” by the EU, last Friday, January 29th, they actually triggered Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol, which effectively puts the Protocol on hold because of perceived “economic, societal or environmental difficulties” by either side. In doing so this implements checks at the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. 
What makes all this much worse, however, is the EU followed none of the formal procedures needed to trigger Article 16. Mrs von der Leyen didn’t even discuss this with either the UK or Irish Governments, both of whom would have to carry out any checks! The EU’s mask has now slipped, showing the whole world how little, they cared about the Good Friday Agreement in the first place. The entire Backstop/Protocol issue never needed to dominate Brexit talks, but Theresa May danced along to the EU’s tune and allowed them to constantly set the agenda in order to bully us into capitulation. It didn’t work, did it. We have now Left the EU – and they clearly don’t like it!

But the same night (last Friday), the EU rescinded their attempt to trigger Article 16. However, it didn’t stop them from continuing to try and block the flow of vaccines out of the EU - with increased paperwork and regulation. This is a fact which seems to be evading coverage by the Mainstream Media – apart from the intelligent cartoonists of course!

Can you imagine the uproar if the UK Government tried the same?
Cartoon Credit: Peter Brookes -
When it comes down to the Northern Ireland Protocol, the EU have now tried to act as if nothing ever happened. But in urgent meetings early this week - held between Michael Gove and his UK-EU Joint Committee counterpart, EU Commission Vice President Maroš Šefčovič, the UK has made clear this kind of attitude and return to normality is simply not possible. And rightly so. The Protocol is clearly not fit for purpose if the EU is willing to act so brazenly - however, they are refusing to make any changes. This is yet more ridiculous behaviour from these unelected members of the EU Commission, who are still determined to try and push the UK into a supplicant position - with no respect for our national sovereignty. It is clear if the EU still refuse to make any changes, then the entire Northern Ireland Protocol must be torn up because it clearly does not work and, as Get Britain Out has said before, it clearly lays out a border in the Irish Sea.
Get Britain Out will carry on with our fight for a Real Brexit for as long as we can with our limited funding, so we still need donations if you want us to keep going. The past week has shown how important it is to have the voices of Brexiteers represented. Brexit is unfortunately by no means over and done with, and we will have many fights ahead to maintain our sovereignty and fill the gaps which still need to be resolved with the EU.

I really do understand not everyone can afford to donate in these very stressful times, but if you can afford to help, please do. We must keep up the pressure on the Government, or we really might end up back inside the EU with all our hard work undone, but I need to have the money to pay for my staff and our very small office. Thank you.

The EU’s catastrophic failure to procure and distribute vaccines has not only resulted in conflict with the UK however. A multitude of Member States are now voicing their displeasure at the shambles. Some - including Hungary and even Belgium - have even begun breaking away from EU control to approve and buy their own vaccines.

Then when it comes to dissatisfaction, Spanish politicians have also hit out against the EU for accepting UK sovereignty over Gibraltar, saying this has insulted the people of Spain and their claim to ‘The Rock’.

This is on top of Member States such as Sweden, which has voiced concerns over having their voice as a country minimised inside the EU now their traditional ally - the UK - has left the bloc, with fewer countries left to push back against the vision of a federal United States of Europe. 

Even in France, Emmanuel Macron is now on the backfoot after claiming he wanted to try and force the UK to hand over some of our vaccines! However, after the UK refused, the French President proceeded to go on a child-like rant about why he didn’t want the vaccines anyway because they are supposedly not effective. This statement has no scientific support and is yet another desperate attempt by Macron to try and cling onto power, with more and more support shifting to anti-EU Parties in France, and Eurosceptic Marine Le Pen is staging another comeback to front-line French politics, ready for the French elections in 2022.

It is certainly becoming clear, the events of the last few weeks could have a serious impact on the future of the European Union. A German newspaper even went as far as saying it has been the single best argument for Brexit, and Ursula von der Leyen has even said – a solo country like the UK can act like a 'speedboat' in getting vaccines quickly, while the EU 'is more of a tanker' - which backs up everything Brexiteers have said for the last 40-odd years.

I know one thing is certain, Post-Brexit Britain would welcome with open arms, any other country seeking to throw off the shackles of the EU!

Added to the EU’s vindictive behaviour on vaccines, this week has seen the EU confirm they intend to permanently ban the import of shellfish which has not been washed and cleaned prior to export from the UK.  This is frankly an outrageous decision, when you realise French and other EU vessels are catching the exact same shellfish inside our waters and landing it inside the EU, without such a rule. At the moment most shellfish exported to the EU is cleaned prior to delivery. However, this sudden new EU regulation now means this seafood will need to be landed and processed in the UK first, prior to export to buyers such as high-end French restaurants. This means there will be limited time to keep them fresh and curtailing a market for our fishermen. Once again, this has nothing to do with common sense and is entirely based on a vindictive mentality aimed at punishing the UK.

However, you can be certain Get Britain Out is doing all it can to support our fisherman and will be reaching out to the Government to urge them to take more action, even if this means supporting supermarkets in buying more products from UK fisherman instead of importing so much from far afield.

On an optimistic note, however, the UK Government has this week begun its assessment of our future programme for State Aid, and support for UK Businesses. While I think this should have been started a long time ago, it is good to finally see Government Departments finally embracing the opportunities of Brexit. With the Department for International Trade steaming towards more new trade deals, on top of the 62 we have already signed, we must now make sure the Government gives protection to UK-based businesses.

First and foremost, we must protect UK companies and brands by encouraging people to ‘Buy British’. As a start, this should mean tax advantages for the most innovative businesses, and expanding the UK’s planned Freeport scheme, which will help to cut regulation and enable businesses to get on with what they do best. The opportunities for our economy are all over the world, and we must look further afield for expansion. For too long, we have focused on Europe. The UK must embrace the fastest-growing economies in the world, as well as some of our oldest and best allies who we can trust to not act in the vindictive and self-interested manner commonplace in the EU.

Read the full list of trade deals the UK has signed so far HERE.
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That’s all for now.

Best wishes from Jayne Adye, Campaign Director - and the Team at Get Britain Out.

P.S. Thank you for your ongoing support, which is very much appreciated. Please don’t forget, we still need your help with donations. There is lots more to do to continue to hold the Government’s feet to the fire to get the rest of what we need to achieve a Real Brexit. Many people have already cancelled donations (which I understand), but now more than ever, every penny counts if we are to continue our work. 

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