From John Cornyn <[email protected]>
Subject FW: Standing up to Schumer
Date February 4, 2021 11:45 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
I wanted to quickly reup my last email for you, and share a bit more…  Like I
mentioned, I’m fighting to make sure that ZERO of your tax dollars..



I wanted to quickly reup my last email for you, and share a bit more… 


Like I mentioned, I’m fighting to make sure that ZERO of your tax dollars go
towards funding radical liberal priorities. That’s why my colleagues and I are
standing up to Schumer by offering amendment after amendment after amendment to
his budget resolution. 


I wanted to share another example with you, because I think you’ll agree with


I supported an amendment that would PROHIBIT COVID-19 relief funds from
flowing to schools that do not reopen after teachers are vaccinated. 


We need our tax dollars funding the reopening of our schools. The safe return
into a normal learning environment… Not incentivizing shuttered classrooms and
more online learning! 


Friend, I want to make sure you’re with me here… I want to see that you
support common sense measures to hold the left accountable.Will you chip in to
make a statement?
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We can’t let the Radical Left run wild with your tax dollars. 


We need to send a loud message to Chuck Schumer that we are watching like a
hawk, and we’re ready to spring into action to keep him in check when he
threatens our values. 


I’m counting on you to join me. 


Will you chip in just $1?
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John Cornyn


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Today Chuck Schumer will try to take full advantage of his new Senate
majority. He’ll try to use his total control of government to force his agenda
on Americans. 


As the Senate considers the Democrats’ budget reconciliation bill today, I’m
concerned that we’ll be forced to consider much more than the funding of the


Putting taxpayer money towards far-left environmental regulations... Taxpayer
money for on-demand abortion… It’s all on the table.


Friend – I promised you that I would step up and fight for our values when
they come under attack. That’s why I will be leading a series of amendments to
the Democrats’ budget to ensure that your hard-earned money isn’t funding
far-left liberal policies.  


One in particular that I thought you’d be interested in… I’m going to
introduce an amendment to make sure that this bill doesn’t make it easier for
cities to DEFUND their police departments.


But friend, here’s the truth. I can’t go up against the liberal agenda on my
own. I need to know that you’re in this fight with me. 
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Will you show your support by chipping in now?
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Friend, I take this job very seriously. It is my sworn duty to represent you
in the United States Senate. 


I wouldn’t be representing you if I didn’t stand up to the dangerous agenda of
the Left. 


Today I want to ask for your support as I go up against Chuck Schumer and his
radical proposals for our nation’s future. 


I hope you’ll stand with me as I fight for freedom, and against tyranny.
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John Cornyn

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