As the Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee, I’m ready to get to work addressing climate change.


John, Mike Regan, President Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency, appeared before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works for his nomination hearing.

As the Chairman of the committee, it's important to me to speak with Regan about his experience and his commitment to combating climate change, reducing pollution, building a clean-energy future, and protecting our environment.

Regan -- who would be the first Black man to head the EPA if confirmed -- grew up fishing and hunting with his father in North Carolina, developing his love of the environment and a passion for protecting it from factory and power plant pollution that disproportionately harmed poor communities and communities of color in his home state.

Since then, Regan has worked for the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the EPA under presidents of both parties. In these roles, Regan has worked to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, build clean-energy programs, ensure clean air standards, and fight for environmental justice.

Regan has a reputation as a bipartisan consensus builder, and that’s crucial because this crisis is going to take all of us working together to address it. 

And that includes you. John, will you add your name today and commit to joining our fight against climate change and to protect our environment for future generations?

I’m confident Regan is up to the task of heading the EPA and addressing the big environmental challenges facing us as a country, and I look forward to working with the entire Biden Administration to tackle this existential threat to our planet.

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