Dear John

How do we recognise and uphold the dignity, agency and power of people in poverty?
How do we ensure people with first-hand insights are heard and heeded?
How do we bring together all our myriad experiences, skills and resolve, to break free from poverty and build a more compassionate society?

Throughout this year, to help answer some of those questions, we will share the stories behind the photos in our calendar. Each month, we will focus on one inspirational project that we are proud to stand alongside in the movement to end poverty. This month, we hear from the Cedarwood Trust in North Shields.

32,000 meals, and now a bold new food plan

Founded in North Shields 40 years ago, Cedarwood has always been a close partner of Church Action on Poverty, and exists to serve the immediate needs of its local community and to work towards a better society for everyone. In recent years, as well as the day-to-day community work, the team and local people have taken part in projects such as Voices From The Margins, and they spoke up when the UN’s Philip Alston visited the UK in 2018.

The group shot above of some of the Cedarwood team opens our 2021 calendar, and we asked chief executive, Wayne Dobson, what dignity, agency and power means to him and the community. You can read what he said on our blog, or listen to him in the latest episode of our Podcast to End Poverty.