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Subject We Have Been There Before
Date January 29, 2021 12:17 PM
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Dear John,

What a month January has been! I know a lot of you feel discouraged,
betrayed, and helpless. It has been an emotional rollercoaster of hope and

But, rest assured this is just an adjustment. It is an opportunity to
gather all these patriots who now realize something is wrong – very wrong
in our government and get them engaged.

We are seeing an unprecedented level of activism and passion for our
country! This election helped galvanize patriots all over the country to
stand up and do something.

I have seen this before.

When Obama was elected people felt it was the end of the world. They felt
helpless. They would say to me what are we going to do now? The country is

Obama’s election was the best thing that happened to our organization. It
made people wake up. Under Obama we were able to pass 70 state legislation
in 8 years changing the local political landscape in many states. We knew
we couldn’t get anything done on the federal level so we did it on the
local state level.

By the time Obama left office in 2016 we had 1,000 chapters nationwide and
350 chapter applications waiting to be processed. We had exploded on the
national stage. We became the most influential national security grassroots

We helped elect President Donald Trump. General Michael Flynn who served on
our board became the National Security advisor to the president and then
our friend Congressman Mike Pompeo became CIA Director and later Secretary
of State.

This was the result of 8 years working with laser focus on the local level
and developing relationships and building people up who ran for office and
helping them win in many states.

Every few years people need a shake up to realize how easy they can lose
everything. This is one of those shake ups. Except today we are not just
starting out. When Obama took office we were about 180,000 members and
about 30 chapters nationwide. Today we are 1.6 million and over 110,000

And to encourage you even more, we have received this January so far 152
new group applications and recruited 1,423 activists.

2021 is going to be a great year of organization. We are off to a great
start. Be encouraged. Be inspired. Be empowered. If it wasn't for the
disastrous Obama years we would not have gotten a great America First four
years where we became the number one producer of Oil and natural gas in the

Get ready to work harder than ever to serve America. As President Trump
always said: "The Best is Yet to come!"


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