From Shaun King, Real Justice <[email protected]>
Subject Forgive my language.
Date January 27, 2021 5:56 PM
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[1]Real Justice

John, forgive my
language, but let me tell you about a badass motherfucker.⁣

[ [link removed] ]If you're in a hurry and ready to have Larry Krasner's back against
corrupt cops and prosecutors, please, please, please split a donation of
whatever you can to help re-elect him. 

Otherwise, let me explain more.

When Larry Krasner became the District Attorney of Philadelphia in 2017,
one of his first acts was coming in to fire the prosecutors from his
office who lied about and cheated and framed innocent people. 

30 of them. Gone in one quick swoop. ⁣

These corrupt men and women protected dirty cops and caused innocent
people to lose a combined hundreds of years of their lives in prison. ⁣

Do you know how much guts this took?⁣ 

This is the type of change we talk about, but very few people actually
deliver on. ⁣


And now he needs us to have his back. Because every corrupt cop and
prosecutor in Philly and in all of Pennsylvania is coming for him – not
only threatening to kill him, but now trying to defeat him with one of
these very corrupt prosecutors who got fired for protecting him. 

I say HELL NO. ⁣

And I need you to say HELL NO. ⁣

Larry is my hero – and is a hero to many of us across the country doing
this work. ⁣

Police are going to spend millions to defeat him. ⁣

[ [link removed] ]And we can't let them succeed. Give whatever you can – $5, $25, $100,
or more if you have it.

Give monthly if you can. He needs it. ⁣And tell everybody you know about
him and forward this email so that they can give too, OK?

Let's GO! Love y’all.


[ [link removed] ]Donate

Contribute to our movement for Real Justice: [link removed]

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