From John Cornyn <[email protected]>
Date January 26, 2021 6:35 PM
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We live in the United States of America. A place built upon the values of
freedom of expression and freedom of speech. From the very first days of o



We live in the United States of America. A place built upon the values of
freedom of expression and freedom of speech. 


From the very first days of our nation’s founding, America was predicated upon
the idea that we all have the uninhibited right to speak our truth. 


But friend, we have reached a disturbing point in our nation’s history… It is
now DANGEROUS to share your conservative viewpoint. 


Just look at my colleagues, Senators Cruz and Hawley. They shared their
opinion on one of the biggest issues facing our nation… And what did they get?


Cancelled books. Cancelled events. Censored tweets. Calls to rescind college


Friend, I’m afraid that what’s happening to Senators Cruz and Josh Hawley may
be beginning to happen to everyday Americans. 


It’s true… You and I are at risk of being CANCELLED by the Radical Left,
simply for being conservatives. 


That’s why I need you to help me push back on this dangerous new culture:
Cancel Culture. 


Every dollar you chip in will increase our ability to get our conservative
message out. It’s getting harder and harder, but with your support, we stand a
chance of being heard. Will you chip in $25 now?
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Friend, it’s not just the ridiculousness of Cancel Culture itself that amazes
me, but the terrible double standard set by leftists… 


Major players in the Democratic party challenged the results of not just the
2001 election, but the 2005 election, AND 2017 election.... Sheila Jackson Lee.
Maxine Waters. Jerrold Nadler...


Did you see them getting cancelled? Did you see them have their names smeared?


No. You didn’t. 


It’s time that we as conservatives come together and send a message loud and
clear to the radical left… We will NOT be intimidated. 


We need to show that conservatives are not some small, fringe, minority
opinion… We are real America, and we WILL stand up for our beliefs. 


Will you join me today as I fight to take back our country and end the
dangerous Cancel Culture the left wants to make common place?
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–John Cornyn

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