From Sarah Waldron, Campaign Against Arms Trade <[email protected]>
Subject Government breaks court ban on arms sales to Saudi Arabia - AGAIN
Date September 26, 2019 6:20 PM
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The government has shown it cannot be trusted to uphold the
Court ruling on arms sales to Saudi Arabia - there must now be a
complete arms embargo. Please email your MP
( [link removed] )


This morning in Parliament the Government admitted further
breaches of a Court ruling that should have stopped arms sales to
Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen.

The Government cannot be trusted to apply its own rules, or
uphold the ruling of the Courts. Can you join us today in calling
for a full embargo?
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UK arms are playing a central role in the Saudi-led war on Yemen.
Tens of thousands of people have been killed and there is
overwhelming evidence that attacks have breached international
humanitarian law.

We’ve been doing all we can to stop the arms sales, from action
on the streets to action in the courts and, in June, the Court of
Appeal found in CAAT's favour.

It agreed that the Government acted unlawfully when it licensed
the sale of UK-made arms to Saudi forces for use in Yemen.

The Government was ordered to retake its previous decisions on a
lawful basis and it agreed not to issue further licences to Saudi
Arabia and its Coalition partners in Yemen.

Yet, last week, the Government admitted
( [link removed] ) it had
approved two licences for military equipment for use in Yemen.
Today it admitted two further breaches, and said it is possible
that even "more cases will come to light."

The Government must be held to account, in parliament as well as
in the courts. While Parliament is still sitting, can you email
your MP?
( [link removed] )

The Government cannot be trusted: it must stop ALL the arms sales

Thank you for your action.

Campaign Against Arms Trade ( [link removed] )


Campaign Against Arms Trade

P.S.Despite admitting breaking a court ruling multiple times, the
government is still insisting its arms export controls are
‘rigorous and robust’. Please help challenge this by emailing
your MP today
( [link removed] ).
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