From Paul Constant <[email protected]>
Subject The climate crisis is here. This is what Joe Biden needs to do.
Date January 22, 2021 10:04 PM
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Saving our planet and creating an economy that puts everyday people first are not mutually exclusive actions. In fact, investing in green technology and infrastructure would be the perfect way to power an economic recovery and counteract climate change.

Corporate polluters would have you believe otherwise. They're trying to preserve their failed trickle-down policies by branding environmental protections as job killers. To put it plainly: This is a lie, told again and again in order to protect a system that enriches the very few at the expense of our planet. Case in point, three times as many Americans are working in solar power today than those working in the coal industry - and once we cut through these lies and expand our clean energy grid, that number is set to soar.

But, unfortunately, as the trickle-downers lie, the Amazon rainforest continues to burn. Millions will be out of work due to increased heat stress. Natural disasters are intensifying. People are losing their homes. Our world is growing warmer, and sea levels are rising. Urgent action is needed to confront these man-made crises, which is why Joe Biden must declare a climate emergency. If you agree, sign our petition calling on the president to do so immediately.

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Declaring a national climate emergency would unlock sweeping executive powers that Joe Biden could use to institute bold policy changes to curb fossil fuel emissions, stop the warming of our planet, and build a clean energy economy. It would also signal to the rest of the world the United States is getting back on track by joining partners such as New Zealand, Japan, and the United Kingdom - all of which have declared climate change emergencies.

But, importantly, a national climate emergency would give Joe Biden the power to act swiftly and comprehensively - something gridlock in Congress and right-wing policies, propagated by big industry and corporate polluters, have prevented for far too long. Such powers could unleash a wave of green energy production and the creation of an astounding number of high-paying jobs.

We cannot wait. Scientists agree that we must cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% over the next 10 years to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, and warming is accelerating at an alarming rate. This is an emergency.

Each of us can take small actions to help save our planet. This is but one of many steps, so we're counting on 5,000 members of this team to speak out now: Sign our petition to urge President Joe Biden to declare a climate emergency.

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