Hi Friends,

For the past several years, Abortion Access Front has mobilized counter-protests
at the March for Life (M4L), the nation’s largest annual gathering of anti-abortion extremists. Since 1974, M4L has gathered hundreds of thousands of people in DC to protest the anniversary of Roe v Wade, and since AAF's inception, we have been sounding the alarm about the extremist views of the organizations involved and their enormous influence on state and federal policy.

So it came as no surprise, when our team at AAF watched the January 6th violence at the Capitol, that we immediately identified former keynote March For Life speakers and participants, and many other leaders in the anti-abortion movement, among the white supremacist insurrection. We also collected dozens of social media posts from former M4L speakers, cheering on the attempted coup.

AAF is countering every word of the March for Life with the FACTS and we need you to add your voice!

We jumped into action immediately, contacting the authorities, flooding our social media with videos showing these “pro-life” hypocrites calling for a revolution, and sharing all of it with the media. In spite of the media coverage, ten full days after the attempted coup, M4L was still encouraging its thousands of supporters to travel to DC for their January 29th rally and march. But on January 15th, FOR SOME REASON they abruptly changed course and announced that they’d be going virtual this year.

We'll be investigating as to what led to this sudden shift, but we will take it as a victory. But let’s be clear – whether IRL or online, the March for Life continues to attract some of the most extreme anti-abortion organizations in America. The M4L promotes anti-science, violent and inflammatory messaging that puts providers and patents in danger, and radicalizes politicians, who in turn create the harmful laws we are fighting against today.

Today, on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we are proud to launch our virtual counter-protest of the March for Life!

Share YOUR photo and show the world that the majority of Americans support reproductive freedom. Together, let's show politicians that we demand access to reproductive healthcare, and show the frontline workers who provide abortion care every day that we have their backs.

And stay tuned, because in the coming days we'll be announcing even more plans to virtually fight back! 

xx Lizz

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