From Dale Marshall, Environmental Defence <[email protected]>
Subject John, we can’t blow this chance to reduce emissions...
Date January 21, 2021 9:44 PM
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Help us strengthen Bill-C12.

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[[link removed]] [[link removed]] [[link removed]] [[link removed]]Dear John,

Like me, you’re probably relieved to be moving past 2020 and into better days
ahead. But the past year has highlighted a lot of important issues that need to
be addressed head-on if we hope to create a safer and healthier future for
people living in Canada.

One of the many issues that demands attention immediately is how slow Canada has
been to act on climate change. Despite our reputation as a global leader on climate action, we’ve missed every
climate target we’ve set. And instead of decreasing over time, Canada’s
greenhouse gas emissions are steadily on the rise.

Thankfully, the federal government recently tabled the Canadian Net-Zero
Emissions Accountability Act (Bill C-12) — which would hold governments
accountable to ensure they deliver on emissions reductions.

But there are critical elements missing from the legislation. It must have legally-binding targets that are based on climate science. And,
Canada’s progress towards these targets has to be regularly evaluated by
independent experts to keep the government on track. We also have to get to work
as quickly as possible, by setting our first emissions reductions goal for the
year 2025 — instead of waiting until 2030.

Tell the federal government that without these improvements, Bill C-12 will fail
to do the important job it’s meant to.
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[[link removed]]John, we have less than a decade left to avoid the worst
impacts of climate change. Join me in telling the federal government that health, safety, and justice for
people living in Canada means passing stronger legislation that will keep the
government accountable for their performance on climate action.
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In solidarity,

Dale Marshall
National Program Manager, Climate

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Environmental Defence Canada
116 Spadina Avenue, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2K6

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