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Subject Don’t let history repeat itself. Help us make NEVER AGAIN.
Date January 19, 2021 6:57 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
<[link removed]> <[link removed]> NEVER AGAIN - A Feature Documentary from your friends at IXNAY PAC We started IXNAY PAC <[link removed]> with one mission: to get Donald Trump out of office <[link removed]> . But if the past weeks (or months, or years) have taught us anything, it’s that the problem is bigger than one man. The shock and awe campaign that Donald Trump unleashed on this country these past few years would not have been possible without his enablers at every level of American society, and that’s not something we should forgive and forget. But people are forgetful. Sometimes willingly so. That’s why for our next act, we’ve decided to make a feature-length documentary called <[link removed]> Never Again <[link removed]> . It’s designed to help the American public remember what happened during these years of American carnage, and who was responsible for letting it happen. Many of Trump’s sycophants will be either seeking to enter or remain in political life during the 2022 midterms, so we–good samaritans that we are–plan to release the completed film just as the campaign season is heating up. Now you may be thinking, “Those IXNAY guys are good at headline-grabbing stunts <[link removed]> , making t-shirts <[link removed]> , and producing podcasts <[link removed]> … but a documentary film? Aren’t they biting off more than they can chew?” To that we’d say, “Not in the least!” Your friends at IXNAY HQ are actually far more experienced at making entertaining and award-winning news & documentary films than we are at this political action committee stuff. Trace Crutchfield helped pioneer VICE Media’s earliest forays into video journalism back in 2006: producing and hosting such legendary stories as The Slums of Rio, Bolivian Marching Powder, Screwed in Houston and many more. Jason Mojica was the founding Editor-in-Chief of VICE News and is the Emmy-nominated, Peabody Award-winning Executive Producer behind VICE’s The Islamic State, Last Chance High, and HBO’s look at Trump-era foreign policy, A World in Disarray. Together, they are guaranteed to deliver a film that cuts through the clutter, gets people to think, and helps make sure that the people remember the malpractice of Trump’s political allies when they’re back at the polls in November of next year. That is of course, if we can raise the dough to make it. Our fundraising goal for the first stage of production is $45,000. This will help cover filming interviews, obtaining archival material, and compensating an editor for the trauma of reviewing hundreds of hours of footage from the past four years. Can you make a donation and help us get the momentum on this project started? <[link removed]> Even better: make a donation and tell a friend! Unlike the Capitol police, we’ve got to slam the door on Trumpism and all who’ve supported it. Help prevent SMML (selective MAGA memory loss)! Donate today <[link removed]> and help us say Never Again. Click here to help fund the <[link removed]> NEVER AGAIN <[link removed]> film! <[link removed]> DONATE NOW! <[link removed]> <[link removed]> IXNAY in the news… ICYMI, The Daily Beast invited its readers to Meet the Witches Who Are Hexing Trump’s Re-Election <[link removed]> , and dropped a nice Hamlet reference in the process. And in case you missed it, IXNAY PAC founders Trace Crutchfield & Jason Mojica joined Charlie LeDuff's <[link removed]> No BS News Hour <[link removed]> to talk about why they started IXNAY PAC and the phenomenon of the IXNAY sigil. <[link removed]> <[link removed]> Become an IXNAY member for $10 <[link removed]> Let’s not do this again! 25% off all IXNAY PAC merch! [Use code NEVERAGAIN at checkout] <[link removed]> IXNAY 18x24 Silkscreened Art Print (Trump) <[link removed]> Those who forget history are bound to repeat it, so what better way to memorialize the final chapter in our long national nightmare than with a signed & numbered art print of our classic IXNAY design on heavyweight archival stock? Perfect for framing, and for striking up conversations with your grandkids years from now when they ask, “what did you do during the great war of 2020?” Printed with love in Austin, Texas at Obsolete Industries. $40.00 Shop <[link removed]> IXNAY Trump 18x24 Silkscreened Wheat-Paste Poster (3 for $20) <[link removed]> Back in stock! THREE for TWENTY BUCKS! These are the lightweight posters from our street campaigns, black & red silkscreen on wheat-pasting stock, so some wrinkles may be included (at no additional cost). Printed in Austin, Texas at Obsolete Industries. $20.00 Shop <[link removed]> <[link removed]> <[link removed]> Ixnay Shirt (Trump) <[link removed]> Be among the first to sport this soon-to-be classic. All proceeds support our ad campaigns and our efforts to get Donald Trump out of our lives forever. 2-color design on a 100% cotton shirt (Black, White, or Gray available) $25.00 Shop <[link removed]> IXNAY Sigil Sticker 10-pack <[link removed]> Spread the anti-Trump magick around with this convenient sticker version of the IXNAY sigil. Lightweight vinyl 3x3” stickers with crack-n-peel backs. A pack of 10 stickers is just $5. Embrace the power of positive thinking and shift the boundaries of achievable reality! $5.00 Shop <[link removed]> <[link removed]> <[link removed]> IXNAY sigil button <[link removed]> Do you wear the mark? Incorporate a little sigil magick into your daily attire with this IXNAY sigil 1” pin, made in the USA by the Busy Beaver Button Co. (FREE SHIPPING) $2.00 Shop <[link removed]> Ixnay Trump Sticker 10-pack <[link removed]> Around the country, people are stressed out by the current political climate. At IXNAY, we’ve found that peeling the back from these anti-Trump stickers can be quite relaxing, and when followed by boldly–or even clandestinely–applying them in fun places, a lift of spirit is guaranteed. And that’s what we all need, a recharge of spirit. 3x3” vinyl stickers sold in packs of 10. Every sticker you buy pays for another one to be put up by our street team. $5.00 Shop <[link removed]> <[link removed]> <[link removed]> Ixnay Button (Trump) <[link removed]> Show your friends and enemies how you really feel about our current situation with this 1” pin, made in the USA by the Busy Beaver Button Co. $2.00 Shop <[link removed]> IXNAY PAC IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT OF THIS ADVERTISING. PAID FOR BY IXNAY PAC. NOT AUTHORIZED BY ANY CANDIDATE OR CANDIDATE’S COMMITTEE. WWW.IXNAYPAC.ORG <[link removed]> <[link removed]> <[link removed]> <[link removed]> IXNAY PAC, P.O. Box 220534, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA Unsubscribe <[link removed]>
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