From Bansri Buddhdev, Liberal Democrats <[email protected]>
Subject John's January Briefing
Date January 18, 2021 3:31 PM
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Liberal Democrats Your January briefing on British politics from the Liberal
Democrats is here!

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John’s January Briefing from the Liberal Democrats.

Why we voted against the Brexit deal

It is clear that Boris Johnson's deal is a bad deal that will make people’s
lives poorer.

This botched deal leaves the services sector in limbo and is the only ‘free’
trade deal in history to put up barriers and increase red tape, bringing long
delays and higher costs.

Learn more about why we decided to vote against Boris Johnson's deal here:

Why we voted against  ➜ <[link removed]>

In this month's edition:

* Alistair Carmichael for the Independent on why the spy powers bill isn't
fit for purpose.
<[link removed]>
* Layla Moran for the Independent on the hidden crisis of long COVID.
<[link removed]>
* Tim Farron for on how the UK's immigration rules are harming
our international reputation.
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* After the latest round of the free school meals saga, parents must be given
vouchers instead of woefully inadequate food parcels
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* Layla Moran reacts to the shocking attack on democracy in the USA.
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Liberal Democrats in the news:

Fighting the spy powers bill

The Controversial ‘spy powers bill’ currently going through Parliament is not
fit for purpose. The Liberal Democrats are fighting to change it, by Alistair
Carmichael for the Independent.

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Getting serious about Long COVID

Long COVID is the hidden health crisis of the pandemic. Why isn't more being
done to address it? By Layla Moran for the Independent.

<[link removed]>

Immigration rules are self-defeating

Britan's immigration rules are damaging Britain's international relationships
- and they aren't stopping migrants. By Tim Farron for

<[link removed]>

Dither and delay costs lives.

Boris Johnson has made a habit of ignoring expert advice and has been far too
late to lock down every time it's been necessary. By Ed Davey for the

<[link removed]>

Ed Davey joins the jabs army

Ed Davey has signed up to become a Sun Jabs Army volunteer - and urged others
to roll their sleeves up too. By Kate Ferguson for the Sun.

Button  ➜
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Best of AdLib

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The latest from Parliament

After two emergency recalls of Parliament over the new year, the House is now
back to the “usual” ways of working. Alistair secured an Urgent Question on
fishing post-Brexit, Layla’s debate on Long-Covid brought crucial issues to the
spotlight, and Tim Farron is sporting a new beard. Get all the latest from
Parliament in the Weekly Whip:

This week's whip  ➜ <[link removed]>

<[link removed]>

Inadequate food parcels must end

Time and time again, this Government has let children and families down on the
issue of free school meals, which are critical to the education and future of
so many children.

Learn more  ➜ <[link removed]>

<[link removed]>

An attack on democracy anywhere is an attack on democracy everywhere

Layla Moran reacts to the attack by Donald Trump's supporters on the US
Capitol Building.

Read more  ➜ <[link removed]>

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Thanks for reading John! We hope your January is going well and that you're
coping with the latest lockdown.

Bansri Buddhdev
Email Marketing Manager
Liberal Democrats

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