SJP is a terror tied group.


 Today's Headlines


Missouri Muslim GUILTY in plotting Islamic terror attack on Kansas City that would have been ’10 times’ as deadly as the Boston bombings, saying U.S. government should be “overthrown”

Why is it that millions of converts to Islam “misunderstand” Islam in the exactly the same way? Who are the true misunderstanders – Islamic apologists or true Muslims?


So many school girls in Pakistan are raped, killed, Imran Khan govt and clerics made it mandatory for girls in public schools to wear burkas

Muhammad's favorite wife was six years old when he married her so naturally little kids are sex objects and should wear burkas, right?



Michigan Synagogue Vandalized with Jew Hatred, Swastikas

Scary times for American Jews thanks to Democrats - left/Islamic axis.



Caliph-wannabe Erdoğan viciously attacked the Jewish state while addressing the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. Watch PM Netanyahu hit back


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