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Date January 18, 2021 12:00 AM
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Hello Waltz Warriors!


We hope this email finds you and your families healthy and safe. We are back
with our weekly newsletters! It's been quite a busy past few weeks, so let's
get right into it.


From starting "Operation Pizza Drop" for the troops, to COVID vaccines, to
talking all things Biden and impeachment, here's just some of what Mike has
been up to this past week:

News From the Trail



We wanted to start this week out with some good news: On Wednesday, Mike and
Rep. Vicky Hartzler launched "Operation Pizza Drop" to deliver some well
deserved chow to the National Guard troops stationed at the Capitol. 
Operation Pizza Drop had such a successful first day that We The Pizza
actually teamed up with other local DC restaurants and created a link on their
website where anyone can donate and they will provide breakfast, lunch, and
dinner to the troops and first responders.


On Thursday alone, over 1,500 pies were delivered to these troops. It shows
that one small act of kindness truly does cause a spark of countless others. 
After helping to distribute some pizza to the National Guard, Mike was also
able to take some of the troops on a tour of the Capitol. 


On Thursday, Mike visited the Volusia County Fairgrounds to see Florida's
COVID-19 vaccine distribution in action. While there has been overwhelming
demand and frustrations with the vaccine rollout across the United States,
Florida is leading the way on increasing vaccine access for Floridians 65 and
older and COVID vaccine distribution. Thanks to unique sites like these, as of
last week nearly 350,000 Floridian seniors received the COVID vaccine. That's
more than any other state in the nation! Thank you to everyone working overtime
to help put our seniors first!

In The News



On Friday, Mike Joined Fox and Friends
<[link removed]> to discuss security
measures for inauguration as well as Biden's new stimulus plan. Here's what
Mike had to say: 


"Look, what this is is a bailout package for their bad lockdown policies. The
best stimulus that we can have as a country is to allow the economy to smartly
and safely open, like we've done in Florida. Kids have been in school and
they've been in person since last August and we aren't having a statewide
meltdown. You can wear masks and spread out and go to school because we take
the approach of allowing business owners and individuals and families make
these smart decisions rather than the mass policies from lockdowns and our
numbers aren't any worse or any different than California or New York."
You can watch the full Fox interview here
<[link removed]>. 




Then on Wednesday, Mike joined Newsmax
<[link removed]> to discuss the
impeachment against President Trump, saying:


“If Joe Biden is serious about unifying and moving the country forward, he
will call for a stop to it (impeachment). It’s not to late for him to stop this
partisan attack, yet again on President Trump.” He went on to say, “This is a
personal vendetta on the part of Speaker Pelosi.”
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You can watch the full segment here
<[link removed]>. 


Also on Wednesday, Mike also spoke on the Brian Kilmeade show
<[link removed]>
about impeachment. From the show:


“Well I just don’t think impeaching the President of the United States with a
week left in office, when he’s made it clear he plans to peacefully leave, has
denounced the violence that happened, makes sense. It would be different if he
were saying ‘we are going to have two Commanders in Chiefs.’”


You can listen to the radio interview here
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Waltz Warriors shirts, hats, stickers, yard signs, and now...koozies!

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Social Media


Here are a few of our top posts from social media this week. Be sure to like
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That's it for this week. Thank you for all of your support and stay tuned for


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